[Doc Error] SampleFader property: .devices[].mode (.scaling)

R3.2.4 x64 (Renoise.Song.API.lua)

I think it is necessary to change the following property inside the documentation:

renoise.song().instruments[].sample_modulation_sets[].devices[].mode, _observable
renoise.song().instruments[].sample_modulation_sets[].devices[].scaling, _observable

Related Documentation

– renoise.SampleFaderModulationDevice (inherits from renoise.SampleModulationDevice)

--------- Constants


-------- Properties

– Mode.
renoise.song().instruments.sample_modulation_sets.devices.mode, _observable
→ [enum = OPERATOR]

– Start & Target value.
→ [renoise.DeviceParameter object, 0-1]
→ [renoise.DeviceParameter object, 0-1]

– Duration.
→ [renoise.DeviceParameter object, 0-1]

– Delay.
→ [renoise.DeviceParameter object, 0-1]

Note: Perhaps you prefer the name .mode for the SampleFader device property (modify it internally, instead of modifying the documentation). The LFO and Velocity Tracking use the .mode name also.

This indeed is a typo in the docs. It already is called scaling. Thanks.

@taktik should check out this issue.

No need to bump all those topics. I’m reading them either way.

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Thank you! Although documentation errors can be confusing, we can resort to printing to check properties or functions. I often read the documentation before printing.

On the other hand, I am reporting some stuff that I think needs to be addressed within the API. I do not intend to bombard you with new requests. I’m trying to build a fairly comprehensive tool that covers a lot of things related to all effects devices (track, sample, or modulation, …plugins) and it’s missing properties that are supposed to already be available, among other details.

Edit: This has been fixed in R3.3.0.

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