Dock VST editors into Renoise interface

it’s pretty self explanitory i guess:


nope. i don’t understand what u mean… :(

So you’d like to display the vst’s gui in a section of the Renoise window, right?

I could go for that, might be more “logical” as a collapseable window on the Mixer screen tho since that’s where the fx chains are most easily accessed.

HOWEVER, I rarely have more than 5 or 6 tracks including Master and Sends in my projects. For a user that has a lot of tracks I doubt they’d want to give up the screen space.


+indeterminate amount

if this was to be implemented, it would have to be optional.
like many other users i often like to have my vsts on a second monitor,
and some vsts have such a big GUI that it would not fit into a spot like this

i think it should be optional,showing the vst like that,wouldnt that take to much screen-place??

the blank space where the 2 instances of gtuneare, that my friend could be the ‘vst pane’

Yes, I do get that on users who use a large amount of tracks. In this instance I would suppose a pane with a scroll bar and movable vertical beam or more probable something very similar to the advanced edit show/hide function. with the advanced edit being locked to the pattern editor’s right side the ‘vst pane’ would then be to the left of the advanced edit pane/area

the inherent beauty of this idea, is the ability to span renoise across the screens, essentially allowing all your vsts to be formatted inside this area. I do forsee a problem with vsti’s versus vst’s. essentially the vsti would be selected/seen in the vst pane in the same fashion as when instrument capture is highlighted. so if you had multiple vsti’s in one track. whatever instrument’s note you were on in the pattern editor, it would be seen in the vst pane. The tricky part is the vst effects and how to incorporate them being formatted. ideally the only vst effects being shown in the pane, would be vst effects placed in the track the cursor is on.

depending on how it was implemented, The is idea being based on fundementals of tracking aesthetics in that everything being right there in front of you.

-i’m great with typos! :D

errr, sorry. i wouldn’t like to see this behaviour in renoise, as this blank space your referring to is usually non-existant, because

  1. more (send) channels are being used
  2. a lower resolution is being used
  3. a greater font size has been applied
  4. the GUI of the VSTi is sometimes like 1280x1024 or even higher
  5. i rather decide myself where to put them on the screen. i sometimes even place the GUIs outside of the renoise window, when working in windowed mode.

what i would like to see on a related note however, is a VST(i) GUI handling similar to that of ableton live, where by switching a track the last state of opened/closed plugin GUIs is remembered and re-called, including screen position and open/close state.
so by cycling through the tracks, you also cycle through the respective GUIs - presuming that you’ve opened and placed them somewhere beforehand.

furthermore it would be really nice, if these states would be saved into the .xrns file, so that reopening it will remember these states.