America: Freedom To Facism

if anyone has more, please post, thanks :)

Some you might like (or not :) )

Aarron Russo interview (the guy who made the vid you posted)…53830426590918#

Money masters…19560256183936#


Money as debt…56453790090544#

[center]Maby something to add here kinda unrelated but definitly a F****** AWESOME DOC. is on “google video” a doc called “the magnificent deception” as a start. Al gore’s “an inconvient truth” is a good watch aswell… I know of ALOT of them and will post as I remember. Hope you guys enjoy =D


niger delta oil spills

Fight continues for Nigeria oil spill victims

I was hesitant at first to post the following two only because I just came across them recently and

I didn’t form enough of a view-point filter, more of a mood, but posted it anyway because this threads tone.

Lyndon LaRouche on WW 3

The Anglo-Saxon Mission, explained by Bill Ryan
There’s a transcript button next to the “total views” which gives a line by line transcription.
First time seeing and using that…

I don’t really buy that, and the biofuel part is untrue anno 2010, ie. cellulosic ethanol can be made out of waste products and residue, later on we’ll probably see algae used for fuel as well…

Cool, thanks for pointing that out. I haven’t initiated a debunking stage yet, so any input is welcome :)

YT channel wepollock - No President Left Behind

The Aarron Russo interview was great, will check out the others soon.

Meltup via

If any of you get the chance watch Between The Folds (2008)

I was visiting a particular conspiracy site and ran into a post which was quite revealing about the site itself, then after refreshing it, got deleted immediately.

I managed to save the search words which was enough for a deeper search, ultimately coming to my personal conclusion of not bothering with this type of subject too much.

I used to watch the documentary series Most Evil and what struck me later was that the majority of the people they profiled as most evil had shit income brackets and never did they once profile psychopaths with aeonic income brackets that dwarf the reach, persuasion and number of deaths to pyschos with limited killing reach.

I also came across the film Michael Clayton which sort of resotred my faith in humans.

A comedic coda for this thread by George Carlin “The American Dream”…