Documentation For Renoise 2 ?


I would like to know if a documentation in .HTML or .PDF format of Renoise 2 was realized ? Because I noticed new functions useful for composing music with Renoise 2 and I would like to print the new documentation :wink:

Thank you,


The printable HTML edition is generated through this link:…include=include
Every once in a while the complete downloadable set is updated with that same link.

That’s still 1.9 at the moment though.

Yes because some things aren’t finished yet.
Also the offline edition is usually being updated around the release of the Final edition of Renoise, we are currently at the RC stage.

Fair enough. I noticed tutorials have already got V2.0 specific stuff in and I appreciate the work all you guys have to do.

Sorry to go off topic but I just read your sig and it says you are using XP and have 6GB of RAM. Why? Or are you running XP 64 bit edition?

I don’t have that much ram for XP, but for Linux, using the PAE option you can address up to 64GB of RAM using a 32-bit kernel.

It is not as fast as using a 64-bit CPU though, but it is possible.