Hi there,

I have just started delving into the XRNX documentation, and the first thing that struck me is that it looks horrific.

The layout is non-existent, and it gives me a headache after a couple of seconds.

I can not be the only one who is suffering here.

I would be more than happy to run through each document, and lay it out properly.

Thanks in advance

I agree.

I would love something like javadoc style documents, or PHP manual or whatever. But it has to be easy to update, cause the API changes.

This would be great and much appreciated!

What helped me a lot was also browsing the ExampleTool and ExampleToolGUI inside Renoise… the internal editor already does Syntax highlighting which is a real plus in this matter.
Also the existing tools can give you a relieve on much matters.
For example tools that use the iterators to change a lot of pattern content like FindAndReplace, RanomizeNotes and EpicArpeggiator do a lot of stuff with various columns. (to find them and to compare content and change content)

The API docs are for me a reference:what doe i exactly need and theexisting (example) tools are guides to help me along further.

everyones invited to write a script which converts them to whatever other readable format ;)

Would like to keep the plain txt formats as well though, cause they are useful to have in the Renoise script editor. And there we need plain txt.

dont really know if this is the right plae to post this

but im trying to enable the hidden development tools in renoise,but i dont quite understand this part(copy/pasted from the website)

  • Launching the Renoise executable with the argument “–scripting-dev”
    (the above part i dont really understand??

  • Opening Renoise’s config.xml file from the preferences folder, and set the
    property to “true”. This way, you don’t have
    to pass the above mentioned argument all the time…

(i have tried editing the config.xml with the above but nothing happens.)

im on win xp btw

s-n-s: to simply use the tools, you don’t need to mess around with this.

i know but i would like to see.try to see if i can learn this stuff

EDIT:ok got it working thanks to Suva and Sauli in renoise irc

just 1 question,im gonna read all the documentation before i start messing around,but is it "safe"to mess around?

hopefully i cant mess renoise up