Does Akaizer work in 3.2?

Does anybody know if the “akaizer” renoise plugin works in 3.2 ? (

I tried to get it working but it doesn’t seem to… but I’m a newbie so may well be doing something wrong.

If someone could let me know if they can get it working that would be great. Thanks

Yes I was able to get it working on Linux. I had to make the binary file executable. You will find the file for your OS inside the actual xrnx folder. for me it was in /Home/MyUserName/.renoise/V3.2.2/Scripts/Tools/com.ben.Akaizer.xrnx/bin/linux/Akaizer

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Thanks I will try this and let you know. I’m on mac.

I got renoise to recognise it & it appeared in the menu - but fails when trying to perform the actual stretching operation.