Does Any One Here Make Early 90s Rave/hardcore?

surely im not the ONLY renoiser to make that retro rave sound… y’know 135-whatever-bpm with chopped up breakbeats, juno rave stabs, deep sinewave bass rumbles and cheesey sirens/horns and whatnot… come one…!!! :P tracker’s where DESIGNED for this type of music!

errr…sure you mean 90s ravesound? It was about 160 bpm in average.

yeah - i still do old rave tracks… it’s what i started out doing with octamed back in 1994, and i’ve never entirely managed to leave that sound behind. B)

here’s a few of my more recent ones:

rolling thunder
gimme drugs
bring on the night
bliss, it was

got any of your stuff online for me to check out? :walkman:

Years ago, before the name was stolen by silly people making silly music for speedfreaks, “hardcore” (or simply “rave”) used to mean artists like The Prodigy, Acen, 2 Bad Mice, Blame, Ratpack, Kicks Like A Mule, etc, etc. In other words, around 135 bpm (actually varies a bit more like 130-150 in the tracks I like), chopped up breakbeats, juno stabs, deep basslines, cheesy sirens and horns. :)

Personally I really love this old sound, it’s easily one of my favourite periods in music. I dabble with it myself from time to time but I almost never actually finish the tracks, I’m always getting distracted with other things.

Here’s something I started semi-recently but never bothered to finish. Not really the big oldskool sound, but it was definitely influenced by that style. I could probably upload the .RNS for this if anyone wants to mess with it:…oldskool003.ogg

Here’s a track I did a while ago. Could definitely sound a lot better if I remade it in Renoise:…ue-ineedyou.mp3

This one is not strictly oldskool hardcore, but it has an oldskool feeling:…ue-therealm.mp3

Finally, this is a bit off topic from tracking, but here’s a little mix I did a while ago which includes some tunes I really enjoy. The mixing isn’t so great in certain places but you get the idea :)


listening now… hehe… recognise a sample or two on “i need you”… cool breaks - bit of a mashed up style as far as the arrangement goes - especially the second half after the breakdown…

“oldskool03” - i like the ragga vibe on this - very 1992 :D puts me in mind of the ragga twins… rememeber any of their stuff? i’d like to hear this one finished off definitely.

“the realm”… a cover? “love in d minor” i think it was called, the track with that vocal intro… definitely a different take on it mind… not really a “classic” rave sound - bit too coherent for that :lol: - reminds me of some mid-90s stuff… future sound of london and that…

incidentally, do you know of any good drum sets for old skool stuff? (apart from the obvious 808 and 909 stuff.) beyond the amen break, i’ve never been able to find anything that quite matches those sounds… something like krome & time’s “this sound is for the underground” or the prodigy’s “out of space”…

heres a tune i did in that style:

hehe, heady days…

I’m a big fan of Acen & Dice’s stuff, and have all their releases on vinyl. Now worth quite a bit I think :)

I grew up on hardcore rave, and although I was too young to go to one in the early 90’s, I more than made up for it after '95! As for tracking the stuff, indeed, sharp stabs, sped up vocals, and some very basic sine wave B-Lines helps get you that feel, plus you shouldn’t chop up breaks too much. I notice that they often used to play the breaks from the beginnig of loops several times in a bar, rather than play from, say a quarter of the way into it.

I’m actually thinking of hosting a ‘monthly mix’ for people to download once I get my 1210’s, and I’m pretty certain there’ll be some old tunes getting played :)

Still on dialup for another month, so I don’t have the patience to download and listen to much stuff, but I’m really impressed by the stuff people release here.

I listened to “Dblue - I Need You” - great stuff. Very prodigy:ish beats and it has that dark feeling I connect with techno from 1992 (although I listened more to german stuff, the Techno Trax series). The track really feels completed and stands on it’s own legs.

Man, I have always been inspired by Prodigy since I heard it, even now when it is supposed to be “out”. There is just something with that 90?s feeling that is so powerful and energetic that I will never forget. I like Empirion too, released on XXL.

Just stumbled over Dblue’s “Ineedyou”-track again and once again I’m hooked. :) Love this stuff!

Cheers :)

For anyone else… those earlier links are quite old and dead now, so here are some working links if you’re curious:

And another semi-recent one that is a bit faster (around 150bpm)… fun, but horribly mastered due to my extreme drunkeness at the time. Just a quick idea really, and it’s really more drum&bass than anything, but the stabs and synths reminded me of this oldskool stuff :)

There awesome dblue!!

DBlue - I’ve only listened to the first song in your list so far. It reminds me of a breakbeat version of mr ozio/ flat beat. Even if that wasn’t your intention I don’t care because it sounds good! =) Awesome in fact. Really like it!

I loaded up this old tune and started playing around with it again, hehe. This is just a reaaaally quick live jam to get a few ideas flowing, so the timing on the synth is rather bad (and probably quite a few drunken notes, too!). Anyway, I will try to remaster it a little bit and release an updated version at some point. I’m just trying to get a really nice vocoder/talkbox sound for the vocal sample. This one is mainly mda:talkbox… does anyone have experience with other really nice talkbox/vocoder plugins?


@ Dblue

What is wrong with this vocodery sound? I use the akai vocoder myself (…/123/DC-Vocoder ) sometimes.

Check this link for more vocoders:…t=3&rpp=100

I think I also liked the free vocov one, but maybe I’m mixing it up with another one.


listening to your tracks previously posted here, wicked stuff! Nice rinsin’ beats & rave sound! Good production quality, even in that ‘horrible mastered’ due to drunkeness track :) . I think you’re suffering from too high standards! Have you ever released anything, can’t find a discog entry. cheers