Does Anybody Have A Copy Of Aodix Tracker 2 ?

Well i´m facing a problem that i didn´t consider back in time.

I have some projects written in the Arguru´s Aodix Tracekr v2.31 format that i want to preserve.

Years ago, i stopped using Impulse Tracker when i found Aodix tracker 2. I don´t remember what year it was.
I still have a backup of aodix 2.28, but in newer versions the file format changed.

I could succesfully re-write some aodix projects in Renoise but i still have some .adx files (aodix 2.3) that i can´t open !
I lost my old copy of aodix 2.3 ! :(

Does anybody have a copy ? i tried searching for but no luck.
Since Arguru is dead, things get more complicate… I really need to re-write my old projects into renoise.

Any help will be appreciated

Wouldn’t this work?

V 4.1.2 I believe … =D Hope this helps!!


Nah, the “new” aodix v4.x can´t load aodix v2.3 songs, it is not the same file format.

My only hope is that somebody have a copy. Aodix 2.3 dissapeared from the internet.

I have the same problem, had some work in progress tracks made a long time ago in 2.3, then on a fresh os install moved to a newer version and lost the ability to load the older tracks :( .

Almost positive i have this and 2 or 3 other versions too. All those early versions were freeware and it’s kind of a shame they don’t seem to be available on the internet anymore.

So you got a copy!?

I really need to re-write my songs in Renoise for proper preservation.

EDIT: Thanks The witch Kings! file received

Now it´s time to port aodix songs into Renoise. Let´s back to work :walkman:


does anyone still have the older 2.x version of aodix?

Found a bunch of old projects I made in it, and like to listen to it and probably work on the tracks :)

even v4 isnt working correct under win7 (64bit). if you make tunes with it, it will loose all vst plugins next time you load your song.

ontopic: maybe you can try to pm this guy (ibotenic). gl.

Cheers Engine, send him a pm.

doesn’t look like that guy is still active on kvr, so last bump for anyone here having a copy? :)

crosses fingers

Unfortunately i do not have any version of Aodix, but last year The WItch Kings sent my a zipfile with many aodix versiones. Ask him before it´s too late.

To make things worse, i remember that in aodix 2.xx versions file format changed almost on every revision. Son you must find the EXACT version that was used to compose your modules.

good luck!

There is Aodix 2.28

I have pm’d him recently, but haven’t heard back from him yet. You’re right about the change in file names, I have .ads files here.

We’re getting closer :slight_smile: , thanks for the link, but like Klez has mentioned, I can’t open my files with this version unfortunately :(

last bump

Hi all, I’ve recently discovered Aodix, seem to be a great tool, can someone share adx file (both 2 and 4 version)?

Thanks very much