Does anybody know of software and plugins for experimental music?

I would like to know if anyone is aware of any (if possible, free) software and plugins that can produce experimental textures and sounds. I am on a mac, by the way.

The label I’m on has quite a few different standalone applications for texture creation on Mac. I’m particularly a fan of GrainScape. AUDIOBULB - Create


I|m a big fan of DIN,
but everything I do in VCV can be considered experimental :slight_smile:

tidal cycles are very well mastered and look like a logical continuation after renoise. I also managed to manage the renoise and this is a completely new experience. I’m still in the process of learning but it was an exciting experience.

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I’ll second @Neuro_No_Neuro on the Audiobulb stuff. I have Grainscape, Ambient, and Auxture. Available on Windows as well.

Lot of fun to just sit around and play with.

There is also:

All of this stuff is awesome, too. Originally this was all just Mac only for the most part but appears to be getting ported to Windows now, which I just discovered!


Heck yeah @rainydayshirts - I use those other softwares, too. In particular, Substantia. It outputs some amazing physically modeled sounds.

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Check Ircam stuff: IRCAM Studio Pack - FLUX:: IMMERSIVE

Also: GRM Tools (

People into electroacoustic music use those quite a lot.

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Tidal cycles is brilliant, I just really want to be able to marry both Renoise and Tidal, I know there are some people doing it but I just haven’t got it working yet, the possibilities are huge


yeah love Kindohms tutorials, there was some modifications to the the SC startup file on the Tidal forums, that helped with sending OSC messages to renoise, seemed there was a lack in the ability to send note-offs I’m not particularly technically minded so it put me off bothering, but I’m sure someone has worked out a way to pull it off, on a similar note I was playing around with ORCA , got that sending data into renoise, I wish we could expand these ideas as live coding and renoise seems to open up a lot of interesting options, wanting to trigger breaks and send midi cc information from tidal to renoise, its relatively easy sending CC’s via ORCA

Oh yeah! agree with you! It would be great to have a console with tidal cycles. But this is from the category of Fantasy))) Yes, I know that there is an extreme script, but I’m not a programmer and tidal cycles based on Haskell are still more understandable to me.

Experimental and textures are kind of broad terms. What kind of sounds are you trying to achieve?

Thanks for pointing me to ORCA.
2 days gone with experimenting.
Works great with my Volcas.

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I use Redux in Renoise for bouncing down instruments to sampled instruments. This allows me to throw all kinds of different doofers and dsp chains that would otherwise take way too much CPU. Then i can do it all over and process it even further. Doesn’t always turn out great, but it’s a fun way to experiment imo. :slight_smile:

That stuff looks like a lot of fun.