Does Anyone Have Vids/Pics Of Renoise Running On A Netbook?

hi, has anyone got videos or pictures of renoise running on a netbook? understanding is that they are not realy powerful enough and that bits of the screen get chopped off, although im not clear as to whether ‘flippable’ screens have been added for the lower resolution on netbooks.
i wont be using vsts…but i do use the native effects alot…usually up to five on each track plus send tracks etc…and i usually only use basic single cycle waveforms, will that be possible on a netbook?

portable tracking is the sweetest thing ever as far as im concerned. been using milkytracker on a PDA a lot, and sunvox as well from time to time. it is really nice to go somewhere outdoors on a sunny day and still continue with your tracking… sunvox can do fm synthesis and reverb plus some other effects on a PDA. with a puny ARM processor…so im hoping renoise can do at least that on a netbook…hit me up with some suggestions if it cant…only really portable tracking solutions that i know are milkytracker and sunvox (nitrotracker and the rest [that i know of] are a bit of a joke, sony PSP has PSP seq, which is pretty damn sweet as a step sequencer, DS Has Korg DS1O+ which is a pretty good step sequencer, but i want a tracker!!)

sorry for the long post, apart from the question in the first part of this post any ideas on portable solutions would be so awesomely welcome!!!

[center]d00d check out i believe… They host ALOT of shiz like that and i believe they even offer a package with their netbook and renoise together for a certain price. we even had a music comp not that liong ago to make a track with the lowest CPU usage and the runner up was to recieve a netbook from them with renoise subscription :P anywho hopefully i’ve been helpfull… eZ.


Renoise is great on a netbook, that is what I bought it for :slight_smile:
The only thing to keep in mind is that you cannot see both panels at the same time, but only the upper or the lower one at a time, so you have to switch between them.


It’s pretty easy to work with Renoise on a netbook. Like fladd said, you can only see one panel at a time. It actually doesn’t feel too cramped; I didn’t have a problem working on it. You just need to be aware of how much CPU you’re using. I don’t have a great netbook, but some of the demo songs reached the panic level. You just need to be efficient with how you use your effects.

sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!!! thanks for the quick replies! got any videos, pics/ screenshots?

whoa! just checked the indamixx screenshot of renoise! lookin good!!!

so it chops off either the disk browser/track scopes or the track dsps/song panels, and just to be clear…is there a way to switch between both views using a button or keyboard shortcut? or do you have to assign custom views to the function keys?

All the tracks in this forum were written to be playable on the Indamix netbook. This was before Renoise became 2.5 and a lot was done on the audio processing architecture for this release, hopefully giving some more power to be used by those with slower CPUs.

Also check out tracks by Lampton Worm in the Song section. All his are written on a netbook.

Well, I mapped Super+Up and Super+Down to toggle each of them. Additionally I have two custom views, one where the filebrowser is shown and one with the track dsps.


i write music on the netbook. hp 2130

In principle, all as usual, just have to do more resampling. and here emerges the main drawback is the forced reduction of the volume by 6 db. just not very convenient to work with the pattern matrix as the small screen. If you do a long pattern is beginning to lose in size. In this sense, it would be very cool if paterns of different lengths in the matrix displayed in different ways.and setting dsp effects could be carried out with the keyboard. In general I found how this can be done. but through the automation of this section Chutka inconvenient but can be used. if there are any questions happy to answer.

Ive made a video for that,
enjoy my bad english XD

I also made a video ~1.5 years ago, showing my MSI Wind 100 netbook.

The video was compressed to flash video format by Conner_Bw and can be downloaded here:

@ rendemon: great videos!! seems like its not too badly crippled on those intel atom cpu’s. thank you so much for making those videos, really appreciate it!! i just posted a link to 133 drum machines as instruments (mapped from C0) here: Heres A Link To 133 Drum Machines Each Mapped As Instruments
hope this can be of use to you

Your English is amazing dude, You have no worries there