Does Anyone Know Any Decent Vst Lfo

go nuts

Doh :huh: what’s wrong with Renoise’s internal LFO Meta-device? :)

can´t shift that lfo waveform starting point…you know, now it starts from 0 point. and usually ppl either want it start from 90 degree shifted from 0 or 270 degree shifted from zero…or at least i want it so. i mean with that sine wave…

and with one renoise lfo i can only automate one slider.

cos i have started to become day after day lazier and have noticed that those lfos are soooo much easier and faster way to make any kind of slides than those ugly automation envelopes…and i have allso noticed that those automation envelopes are eating more cpu power than lfos, so…

Ahh… I see… yes, Renoise does NOT have control on starting offest as far as I rermember… and obviously, when you think there is something nobody will ever use, here it comes someone asking exactly for that peculiar feature :D
I agree it could be usefull to set control over starting point. Xpecially when you work on very slow freqz.

Maybe that’s blasphemy… but… isn’t a LFO supposed to be exactly a “Low Frequency Oscillator”? How can one OSC generate more than one sine?
And most of all, any VSTi acting as multiple LFO controller probably features a single control for each LFO you’re assigning around… so you again end up with controlling many single LFOs knobs again, more or less like you do in Renoise…

I don’t know man… I don’t like much the idea of letting something rotating out of control in my stereo spectrum… so I don’t usually add any LFO… but, yes, I do see your point about smoothness :)

I believe you mean this:



  • x is the ordinal number of the LFOdevice in the DSP chain
  • yy is a value in [00…ff] range to set the initial phase

there is always Antares Filter.

then you can go nutzzzz.

Ok… Renoise does not have any visible control for that :lol:
Itty you really know them all :)

oh, supa kewl, thanks a heaps…bantai, that x6yy reset works only one time…after it has reset lfo first time that command doesn´t affect until you have change that yy value to other one…and same thing after that, it just works one time :confused:

but hey, at least it has it! great!


with quit rought try, it wurks, but not with values 1, 2, 4, 8, 10, 20, 40 & 80…funny thing :D

btw, what is resolution of one whole sinewave cycle, 256 points i assume?

Mebbe with multiple modulation destinations he means that he wants to assign SAME LowFreqOsc to many values, creating synchronized LFO sweeps. That would sork best if you could give amount of modulation per parameter, but now when I think of it I can not come up with usable way to do this.

And what about inverting those LFOs, making downsaw an upsaw? Or brand new waveform?

We actually do have upsaw… but, yes, widening the options for the LFO device might be a good idea…

some time ago, I’ve suggested the VelocityDevice and PitchDevice, which are two MetaDevices which could give great results:

they would let you hook a DSP slider to the velocity or note-number of an instrument.

Hehe… now that I recall this suggestion, it also raises a question: what to do when you more than one note is being played at the same time? :)