Does anyone know if it is possible to send cv messages from within Renoise?

wondering if this is possible, I do some interesting things with the gatekeeper plugin in bitwig, can it be done in Renoise ?

CV is voltage. How does Bitwig send electrical signals?

I use the gatekeeper plugin by infected mushroom to output cv and connect it to a bitwig native audio rate modulator, in the modulator preferences I choose the gatekeeper plugin and it outputs MSEG messages which I use to control other things such as plugins, I have no idea how I could go about using this signal information in renoise but I think somehow it is possible

So this is all software emulation in Bitwig, not actual control voltage being sent to any hardware?

I guess so yes, it emits a little click tone, that I mute when controlling other things with it, I still have not figured out if I could use it in renoise

There is midi mapping within renoise.

Wow, as a test I made a Midi Instrument Control meta device on a blank track with its output sent an internal midi bus/loop. Then I set Renoise midi input to that internal bus and used the “MIDI MAP” to assign this parameter to, for example BPM ( could be anything ). It worked. I believe its possible to modulate anything if your plugin outputs midi.

but CV isn’t midi …thats why the confusion exists…

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Ok great thanks for the tip, Gatekeeper also allows for sending midi cc so it works as a parameter controller woohoo!!! once again renoise surprises me with it’s flexibility

You can send CV from inside Bitwig and a lot of other DAWs with a DC-coupled soundcard. Hell, if it has DC-coupled ins too, you can record CV also :slight_smile:

This is a particularly bonkers example- Expert Sleepers - ES-9 USB Audio Interface