Does anyone know of a DX100 drum samplepack?

I love the sound of the DX100 but I could only find one drum samplepack.

Does anyone know of any others?

I was impressed by midierror’s Vermona and Polivox drum samplepacks and I saw he had built a tool in renoise specifically for controlling the parameters of the DX100 so I was hoping he would make a DX100 drum sample pack.

DX100 coarse FM sound is good for drums in my opinion.
I dont know how it is for drum sound design, whether it has short exponential envelopes or anything like that…maybe to make good drums with it, it would mean chopping up LFO stuff or adding envelopes to long sounds made on DX100 in renoise later.

Anyway I hope to hear the DX100’s capabilities for drums so if anyone knows of a good DX100 drum samplepack please let me know and if there are none then I would like to request one if anyone wants to / is interested in doing one…I may end up buying one, not sure yet…about 400 euro…its quite a lot to drop on an old keyboard like that…good sound though. peace out

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If you’re interested in making your own FM drum samples with a 4-OP FM synth just like a DX-100 (I used to own one, and it works/sounds similar) you can actually do this yourself instead of finding sample packs (way more fun to me, at least)!

There’s a few really neat FM synths that are FREE that sound soooooo good.

One is actually part of a tracker, called Pata Tracker, and you can download it here:

There are two other FM synths that are based off of the OPL2 and OPL3 soundcard chips in the 90s, which make equally beautiful sounds that can be used as plugins OR standalone here:

Read all about them here:

Since they emulate the MIDI standard sounds, you’ll get actual drum sounds - synthesized. Beautiful!

Most importantly, you can use these on Windows or Mac. I would imagine that the ADLplugs are also available for Linux. I hope you’ll use these to make your own FM drum samples!

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Thankyou for recommendations, Ill be sure to check them out.
Pata tracker looks interesting.

I also have chipsynth MD which is quite nice for coarse FM sounds.
Just bought it so still getting to grips with it but the envelopes seems to be in stages rather than any length, curve you would like.

So yeah Im thinking about getting my layering on with old school FM and old school casio and yamaha PCM sample based drums…the new ‘line curve’ envelopes in renoise are so good for making synthesised tones with FM clanginess or noise into drum sounds like cymbals, snares, hihats…or just tonal FM sounds into toms, cowbells, woodblocks etc.

The only things I think I will have trouble with are the claps, cuicas, vibraslaps and guiros.

I heard people recommend FM8 but its more manual reading and troubles for me, seems very in depth.

It may be that the DX100 has something adding to its character maybe old school DAC or something else old school and rattly sounding on the boards inside…I like the springiness or dustiness of it. something about it.


I can dig that - I actually did enjoy the sound of the DX-100, it just had that ‘older’ sound to it.

I had thought about your reply last night, and came up with one other idea for generating FM tones, actually, maybe two/three.

In the single-cycle waveform territory, there’s Hardcore / Softcore. Not fantastic, but fun:

Much of these could probably be generated using the internal FM waveform generators we have for Renoise, like Custom Wave Synth or MilkyWaves. I used MilkyWaves all the time, because the ‘noise’ generators create all sorts of FM tones, instead of actual ‘noise’. Beautiful sounds.

I think I’m probably getting too far off of the path here, but VCV Rack (free modular synth) also has several ways of creating tones in just about any form of synthesis you’d ever want, and all for free (mostly, unless you really want to buy some module).

I’m sure you probably know of all of these, but there’s so many ways to do this. If you’re really gonzo (like me) about waveform generation, and need a particular sound, then you may need to work some filter magic on particular sounds to give them an ‘old’ tone. Filter being generic for ‘any kind of audio processing’ that gives a certain timbre to a sound. Personally, I’m usually striving for that OPL3 sound from my old Windows 95 machine, from some off-brand sound-card in my family’s first computer. Sounded like Autechre/Aphex Twin to me way back then. Sure, I can use other people’s samples from the soundcard, but where’s the fun in that? I want to make 'em myself :smiley:


One more, Beepbox. You can do additive and FM synthesis with this, make a sequence and export the sound to .WAV. Free.

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Thanks again for alll the recommendations.
It great that all the stuff is free to download.
Single cycle FM waveform generators will be great for tracking in renoise, especially as it should be possible to render one per key which will avoid the problem of aliasing like you get when pitching a SCWF across the entire keyboard in renoise. Also it will be interesting to find out how they get around the problem of tuning because the lengths of the waveforms really effect how accurately they can be tuned. So far I know that a waveform 256 samples in length can be tuned to perfect A4-440Hz but other waveform lengths cannot be tuned as precisely (there are some lengths other than 32, 64, 256, 512, 1024 etc samples in length that can be i think, because I saw something in an EPROM that looked like they had a way to do it)…the single cycle waveforms have another problem which is volume scaling for live practise on a keyboard. The high pitch notes sound too loud relative to the lower notes. Redman had a solution, I tried it and it worked. It was excellent but I think its not quite the same as an actual keyboard sold as a keyboard instrument (redman also came up with a way to scale decay but I decided I didnt need that as much as volume later on).

sorry for the waffling and long post…maybe I can get the stuff I need to layer with drums from a VST because it should be an FM sound that can evolve over time a bit, not only a static FM waveform (although those are beautiful sounds with interesting harmonics…the harmonics can confuse a tuner a lot with FM SCWFs).

Im just obsessing about DX100 a little since I saw that its parameters can be controlled by a renoise tool. It does sound like the old soundcards and a little grit similar to the grit you can get with lofimat. like if you set the lofimat up like its a casio FZ1 it sounds awesome for ‘grit’.

CASIO FZ1 - 16-BIT, variable 9kHz to 36kHz sampling rates

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I getcha - I’ve been begging for FM for the sampler for a couple of years for the reasons stated above (as well as variable forms of granular synthesis), for actual timbral change via frequency mod versus filter change, plus I just get excited by what could become of ANY sound if you could modulate it with any other sound. Wacky stuff!

In your case, yeah, probably an FM VST or actual DX100 is your best bet :slight_smile:

yeah the ‘adjust loop start and end points by pattern effect command + automation’ thing that achenar made a video about could have made the renoise sample looping a bit like a granular synth with one grain. I think your right I should probably take a look at VCV rack, FM8 or something to get the FM stuff to layer with drums.

Glad you enjoyed the DX100 video! Its really fun to make drum sounds with synths.

DX100 editor for renoise looks awesome.
Still havent got round to ordering a DX100 yet.

The ‘coarse fm’ sound is interesting.
Might be great for retro space drums.

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Fm composer is also great , made by the same guy behind the kodamo essence fm

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