Does anyone know where i can get samples to make music

I’ve been looking for samles for ages that I can and may use, these are samples of house music and hardcore old school, does anyone have samles for me or know a link to where I can download them, I have a mission to create songs myself make .kind regards marc de zeeuw

Here are some drum machine samples:

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Ejay complete (not sold anymore)

Custom merging and renaming

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Ejay hiphop - i totally forgot about it. It brings a lot of memories :smiley:

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There’s a large collection of 90s sample cds here. They we’re used in many famous projects.

As for it being legal… unless you buy the cd somewhere, probably not.

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500*650Mb = 325 Gb :dizzy_face:

or around 160 Gb in flac

thank you very much for the samples, I’m going to start making music right away, I’ve been doing this for 26 years, I started in the 90s with fastracker 2, maybe you know that music program. Kind regards, Marc de Zeeuw

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If you ever get tired of using the downloaded sounds, it is also fun to sample your own stuff through the recording function in the sample editor;

Hook up whatever soundsource to the input of your soundcard and sample away.
Another option is using one of the youtube to mp3 converter sites and import the ripped audio straight through the diskop into Renoise. Bonus digging points for using AI sites like which can split imported .wavs / mp3s etc into separate stems.

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I think this feature could be expanded recording instruments output…
You select an instrument,you start ‘record’,you play a note,and you stop ‘record’

We also could imagine a ‘record’ button at the top of an instrument window.
you start ‘record’,you play a note,and you stop ‘record’
And the sample go into a ‘Record collection’ folder,with the name ‘Plugins - preset - Record index’

Musicradar have a bunch of free sample packs, maybe it’s worth digging through

hi i downloaded wave files on music radar , i just can’t open them is not read in windows and renoise , i get this message ;media found error: no decoder installed witch can handle the given file, er
decoding failed internet; Error opening input file [36c4]), is there perhaps a utility to read the wave files ? any idea

What kind of soundfile are you trying to open .aiff, .wav etc? Does it open in another program, for example vlc player of windows media player/

it is from the site Muziekradar , download free samples , which are packed those folders when I open them in windows and put them in a folder they are damaged , it probably has to do with the connection but I have no grip on them they are already downloaded downloaded and then put it in a folder again ma by folder, it seems to me that you should just be able to download music radar from the internet site

Some years ago, I downloaded 15GB of samples from bedroom producer blog (, then quite never used them :smiling_face_with_tear:

yeah, I used to buy the magazine and have their sounds. Sometimes they provide .aifs though, even .rex files or other exotic sound formats. It would be interesting to know if you can open the sounds in other programs that you have to single out if it is just Renoise acting up or a more general problem on your computer.

Can you share the particular sound that wont open and gives you the error?

music radar offers free samples, but it does include instructions, it drives me crazy, the files arrive damaged when downloading. Do you perhaps know a good reliable link where I can easily get good smples, preferably I would like to start with free sample packs to buy later, I’ve already given enough to matrialen lately, it’s all getting a bit crazy

hardcore no need only sample

Kick processing is the base

when I was on fruityloops 20 years ago,I used reverb,resonant filter,distortion

I don’t understood dynamic processors at this time

Hi, I have been disturbed by many types of music for the past 26 and half years, there was a huge gabber culture in the early 1990s that still lives mostly underground, or its own form of commercially large parties inside and outside events, I am learning more and more, editing and making music is my hobby but maybe I can move forward, you never know.

So maybe your want simply to design

Here is some samples, loops:
This is some old stuff what I found in some disks.