Does Glitch Vst Loop All The Way Through Song?

I’m only just learning renoise at the moment and have been playing aroud with the glitch vst plugin.

What I thought I would be able to do is have a different glitch pattern for each renoise pattern but it seems that I can only have one glitch pattern loop all the way through the song for that track.

I’m sure that I’m missing something here as this doesn’t seem quite right, am I?

you can use an automation device to control the “pattern” parameter in the glitch plugin…giving you 16 different patterns to switch between…

You can build 16 patterns in the Pattern Bank (upper right under the master filter knob panel)then you can automate between patterns (expand glitch down in renoise’s plugin panel and see all those lovely sliders)
iirc the new version of glitch will have more than 16 patterns for the bank so you don’t have to put more strain on your resources by opening up more instances of the plugin) also you could always just render down a bunch of stuff to new instrument but that takes time

What he said ;)

You can also change patterns via MIDI notes, but it’s easier just to automate the Pattern parameter.

Awesome, thanks for that! I was sure it was me missing something and that is the case.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply, appreciated.

I figured out that I can use 33xx to control the pattern, however if I put in 3301 it sends a value of 1.06% and if I put in 3302 it sends a value of 1.12%, not sure what the correct values I should be using here are?

Also, as a side issue the controls in glitch are a bit buggy when moved using my pen tablet - where should I report that?

Thanks again all!


Just figured it out! 3300 and 3311!