Does renoise have an allpass filter?

If so, how to access it?
I tried scouring the deprecated dsp and no luck

It was removed in 3.2 or so. But there are a lot of vst replacements. A lot of eqs come with an all pass filter variant. Not sure about freeware though. Maybe this one: GitHub - enummusic/allpassphase: Download under "Releases". Feel free to donate under

Is that why this is nowhere to be found, and this doesn’t seem to work? Wasn’t there an API function to list hidden devices?

I removed the allpass filter path from “Native DSP Tool” after taktik removed the allpass filter from Renoise, there is no way to use the internal one anymore, because it was removed from code.

bummer. i had a scheme…

If it is just for the audio aesthetics…maybe abuse the multiband send, mixing back together the ranges with the phase shift that the x-over filters will provide?

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yes, thanks, I have tried that, and it does a passable job for what I’m after, but due to the nature of the multiband send, it’s not ideal. Going to try a couple of other things as well and hopefully can pull off what I’m after :crossed_fingers:

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