Does Renoise have an effect like this yet?


First post, not a spammer. Wondering if Renoise natively does audio rate phase modulation like ‘Voltage Phase Module.’ (not an advertisement, genuinely curious.)

[I’m getting interested in Renoise, and I love the power that Renoise has!]

Also, is it possible to develop ‘native’ plugins for Renoise? Like an SDK or something like that?

I feel like asking 18 different things at once, which is why I’m too overwhelmed to do 18 searches and make 18 posts :)/>

Love the tutorial videos! Just wow.

You can do a sort of pseudo PM with phrases + fx commands but it’s not really going to be what you’re looking for. Short answer is no, Renoise’s sound design focuses on sample mangling rather than synthesis.

Native plugins no, but you can make tools that do some pretty wondrous things. There’s sample generating tools like pad synth (my favorite), morph synth (which I think might can generate a PM sample? It can generate a FM sample and ring mod, it’s pretty complex actually the things morph synth can do) and custom wave generator (that just creates basic waveforms). There’s also tools that do crazy stuff like, live dive, which is focused on using Renoise in a live setting.

You can also create “doofers,” which can kind of act like a plugin but have to be created out of Renoise DSP’s. Basically a fancy effects chain that you can create short cuts to particular parameters for.

thank you, that was very informative and useful.