Does Renoise Store Preset Information?

I’ve written off a bunch of old projects after I installed a legitimate version of Waves Element synth and it erased all presets for those projects effectively killing them all.
Is this a perfect lesson for never using cracked software or are they retrievable SOMEHOW?!
Would really like to go back and mix them :frowning:
Any help hugely appreciated.

The preset information stored in Renoise songs is sometimes not loaded with a different VST(i) plugin version. Most of the times, the patches show up, and are saved with the song.

If things have changes between the versions of the VST(i) you used,
sometimes you can not load preset patches successfully.

This of course is a pure design mistake within the VST(i) software.

Sometimes it works to install the old version of the synthesizer, save the presets, and try to load them manually in a new version.

Thanks, I’ll try this.