Does Renoise Supports *.iff Files?

Hi, I have large library of samples in iff format.
Its my personal, collected for ages :smiley: so I was very upset when I found
that renouse don’t want to load them. Can it be solved? Maybe I need to write it in the ‘features request’ forum? Why iff? Its looped, it supprted by large number of trackers, including ft2,it, various trackers on Amiga.
If its not in a plans, then maybe someone can recomend me some utility for converting iff to X where X is any file format, aceptable by renoise,sorry for such SQL style :). I will be very gratefull. If utility is fili-to-file only & it is command line, then its ok, Recursive caller I can write by my self.
So, thats my story…

Try the one at the bottom

or use google…rt+.iff+to+.wav


Awave is a great tool for converting, and covers pretty much any file format.

well, utility at doesn’t recognise my iff’s as correct wave! :( ft2 and it does… awave opens iff incorectly, its mutes looped part of the sample! so, all my perfect strings are actually unusefull!

I don’t know if there are freeware sample editors that can do batch processing of your files … Anyone?

I found iff audio file description and after looking on ft2 iffs in hex, found that its actually different format. I tryed to search ft2 iff describtion, but without success. And its smells ****. Maybe someone knows, where to get such documentation?

Have a look at having description for many many file formats. After a quick search i didn’t find IFF but it’s probably there somewhere (?).