Does Renoise Use Drm?


I am looking for a new DAW to migrate to (from madtracker, sad story…). Anyway, I need to know: Does ReNoise use DRM? I ask because I notice a thread right above mine regarding warez where they even go so far to mention dongles - so I am curious if my prospective purchase will be clean: i.e. nothing hidden in hives (i.e. registry bugs), caches, or the general filesystem? Anything? Calls home are acceptable (if they are infrequent).

I can’t stand how insane devs have gotten - its like all sense has gone out of the window lately. Don’t bother getting me started on Apple or Sony…

Thanks in advance! Happy tracking!


no, there is no such thing like that. All Renoise does are “home calls” to look for upgraded versions (see help menu) of the application or one of its tools.