Does This Fit Synth Sit Right?

I’m having trouble deciding wheather or not this synth fit in with everything else… it’s only a clip of the to demonstrate how it sounds… it’s the deep reverberous drone in the background (not the hoover). And also- is the bass sounding ok? I have listened to it against other professional track too much and can’t get my head around it…

any critique would be awesome and well taken/appreciated.

Thanks in advance…

nevermind… sounded like shit. :unsure:

I was having a hard time hearing anything that sounded like sh!t.

Me too, the hoover is bad in the best way, and the bass was exellent in an exellent way.

Shit my ass… Pardon the pun. :P

the drone in the background is perfect… the bass line seems good… the hoover, however, seems to need to be EQd a bit… I’d mess around with adding some low end to it…

Well I guess I’m putting the drone back in then :)
But I think it gets stale throughout the rest of the track, so I’m going to set it a little further back in the mix and try to add some motion to it (maybe automated light high-pass filtering or something)… I think once I do this, it will let the hoover and drums breath a little bit more. I’m thinking a descent bit of heavy reese would sound good somewhere in the composition. I hate it cause I’m one of those people who gets stuck on the mix before I even finish putting my scratch down.
Thanks for the help and compliments! I refuse to let this track go in the unfinished folder (this was my new years resolution).