Doing Crazy Jungle Drum Edits

Hey Tr4x0rz

Ok, I am desperately trying to find the ‘right’ program to do crazy ragga-jungle pitched up - super edited amens.

I want to be able to do the following things:

  • Super fine beat resolution. This is something that is common in many ragga beats. They will do SUPER tight beat repetitions to the point where they just become high pitched squeals. Even with everything on the fastest settings, I can’t quite get to that crazy speed. Retrigger doesn’t work either. Does anyone have a technique for this? Maybe using manipulation of the sample / loop or something?

  • Pitched up beats. I would like to be able to create an amen drum kit ‘instrument’ and be able to tweak the pitch of every individual drum kit as is often done in ragga jungle. One problem. It seems that the pitch only ‘slides’ , creating a very mushy and non-sharp drum effect. Is there a way to effect a non-slid pitch change so it is just a sharp pitch up?

  • Volume slides. When doing crazy beat repetitions, is there a way to simply say “take the volume from this value to this value during THIS duration” ? It seems like that would be nice instead of having to place a volume value in every tiny slot for every drum hit (i realize of course this is one of the cool things about trackers, but I am wondering if there is a short cut for the purpose of this type of beat programming)

Anyway, ALL advice on creating crazy intricate super fast jungle breaks would be super appreciated.


And thanks to the developers for this truly beautiful piece of programming and design.

You need my instajungle plug. It’s coming soon, I promise. I made it last year but haven’t got around to fixing the beat sync. It’s fine for the first few plays, but it loses sync occasionally.

Quick run-down of the way it works:
Basically, it’s a simple low parameter count design. One parameter is used to determine the relative speed of the roll determined by how fast you move it, and whether or not it is reversed by which direction you move it (left or right). Another parameter controls pitch (very rough, prone to aliasing), another controls feedback, another gate, another sensitivity.

By the way, you’d better be using a mac, otherwise you’ll be waiting a little while longer :P. Of course, someone else might come up with a better suggestion…

first if you havent already… learn sample offsets!!!
on the amen from bourbon 0915 is the very first snare
09df is the crash
you can find the offsets in the sample editor just select the area
so a line would look like this:
e-400 – -- 0915

the high level advanced functions page is alot of help when mashing shit down

the automation page is very useful for the volume ramps

i personally write at 364bpm, speed @ 03, at a pattern value of 512
using 512 is a pain right now tho for automation effects edits because you cant zoom in yet but i predict that will be a thing of the past pretty soon…

the note off key is the capslock button.
when you make a real close (intricate) pattern try putting the end command at different spots after the drum makes a sound like some of krinjah’s sound.
btw if you made it here from r-j then greetings brethren! good to see more heads using high level quality software. :D

…an i hope you paid for it! 1.5 is a powerful weapon to be in yuh arsenal

Looking forward to this, keep me in the loop.

Awesome! Where do I find the bourbon amen file btw?

Yeah, I figured using offsets would be a good thing, but for ragga - it almost seemed that it would be easier to just make each hit its own instrument to make pitching the hits a bit easier. What method do you use to pitch up snares, etc?

Having zoom would indeed be a miracle for ragga beats because you wouldn’t HAVE to rely on doubling the tempo / pattern size just to get decent beat resolution.

I also look forward to a plug in that does indeed cater to the construction of pitched up breaks. that would be great.

Anyway, thanks so much for your advice - i will def. try banging stuff out w/ offsets using a faster speed this weekend and see if it gets me there. I’ll also mp3 up some Ragga Jungle beat samples and see if somebody could tell me how to recreate them in RN.

See ya!

well the 2nd day i started using renoise i found the sample offset feature,
since then it has never been easier for me to use the amen and all the other breakbeats i use, i actually went through that amen brother sample from bourbon and wrote down in my notebook the location (begining and end) of every hit in it. after using those values for long enuff i have started to remember them being able to make my amen edits and other bb edits alot faster and then being able to use those values for timestretches…
even tho you can use the numberpad to select your sample from the sample bin i use so many that it wouldnt be really any help to me to use one shots, for instance when i do a break edit, like i was using one shots i would just use the end command after the hit. so for me, having the whole breakbeat in one sample is best. plus it keeps the quality of the samples very close to their original form.
i guess to me its the idea of being able to manipulate more sounds in one sample using the pattern commands as opposed to a one shot which only really has the intended sample of choice to work with, if that makes any sense… i think basically what im trying to communicate is that its easier for me to remember a bunch of numbers than going through the sample browser looking for the right drum hit.
although using one shots does give you more ability to overlap drum hits. so its really up to you with how you want to produce your music. i have seen dnb is alot more fluent with using one shots, than jungle is

are you talking about doing quick pitch increase and/or decrease type snare rolls? if so then there are a few ways to do this

i agree with you about having the ability to zoom in on the pattern editor. it would certainly make making music abit quicker an then a bit harder to get to the edits after you have made them an need to fix something. but if i had to vote i would vote for a pattern zoom function mos def.

in the automation area, when you use 512 patterns, the lines are so close together that you cant really be sure which ones youve picked, im still trying to figure out how to do this. and hoping that the devs will put a zoom in there. because its really hard to get a precise point when these lines are so close together. its along the same idea of trying to cut a breakbeat without any way to zoom in to get a zero.

yeah, renoise is perfect for this.

thanks for the link choice!! nice quality breaks… :)

nice link, choice. cheers!

for some reazson i cant dl it in either firefox or ie
they save as a htm and changes the header i think

Holy crap NICE! Definitely gives me a good example of crazy beat edits.

Anyone else have anything like this?


could you put this file up again? I’m kinda late and I lost the file. Either that or contact me via email at



Oh I got it. Change the extension of the file to RNS. That’s it. :)

I just made a couple of RNS files for you to look at if you’d like…

My friend was asking me how to do “IDM shit” (his words) in Renoise, so I grabbed the first pop MP3 I could find and did a glitched out remix of it:

atomly - rocksteady mashed

And here I just grabbed four patterns from the track “Big Up Mi Snacks” off my last record… If you don’t have the QuadComp VST, just go to the Master track and bypass it-- it won’t sound quite as good, but you’ll still get the picture.

atomly - i run tings

I have some stuff with a lot more beat mashing, but it’d take a lot longer to clean up the RNS files so that I could up them. Let me know if you want more help, though.

To better illustrate how to chop up an Amen, I made the following:

some chopped up amens