[done 1.9]Sample Editor's Slider Position

AAMOF this is not a problem or a big inconvenience, but just something I’m always thinking of, why is the slider in the sample editor placed below the sample editor’s toolbar, not just below the sample view? Usually sliders are placed just in borders of a view window, because their only job is to affect the view.

It would be wise to exchange the position of slider and toolbar in sample editor:

This gets even more odd when the loop fine editor is open: the sample view shrinks horizontally while the size of the slider remains unchanged, totally out of align with the view. Wouldn’t it be more appropriate if it changes like this:

Sorry if this has been suggested before, everybody knows I’m the laziest of the renoise forums ;)

Dude, go make some musix ;)

Hmm, I agree. I think it’s a valid suggestion. :) +1.

and I thought I nitpicked!

makes sense though.

It’s current position actually makes sense to me because it’s a nested window inside of an application window, therefore it should precisely neighbor whatever it is that it is scrolling. If you move it a distance away from the waveform display, there is a disconnect. Would you be scrolling the sample editor buttons as well?

Done in 1.9.1 beta. :) Thanks to devs.

Am I tripping? Can’t see any difference with 1.9 here!

edit: just a lttle bit more room around the icons, right? the slider is still placed the same