[done 2.5] Xy Control Device

I believe these mockups explain my idea very well. ^^
The main idea behind XY control is to easily modulate two parameters of (a) certain filter(s). XY controllers are found in plenty other DAW’s, synths, etc. In my opinion very useful and a fun way to play with parameters…sliders are boring. And it’s great for live or jam occasions.

About the terms I used:
“Time” could also be called differently; like ‘speed’ or ‘delay’…

Also, you could put the “Time” in milliseconds, or maybe it would be better if you’d put it in Lines or something…

Tell me what you think. °-°

I think I had a dream about this, or something…


Sounds like a long-time missing device…



this is a win-win device :D

I’d say go for it. +1

bpm 303
lpb 101
:D niiice

About the idea… i like it very much. Sometimes I feel like I need two cursors, but this will solve it.

Oh yeah, my request became reality. Whether it was in the mind(s) of the developer(s) before, I’m so proud…sort of. :P

And the design is way better than what I did there… kudos to whoever did that too! :D

Your design was already reality before you put it up, guess, they have foreseen your desires way earlier than you even thought about suggesting it…