[Done 2.6] Change Plus/Minus Button Order In Track Editor


I know this is no new 2.5 feature, guess it was changed in 2.1.
I really tried hard so far but couldn’t get accustomed to the order of the plus/minus buttons for adding/removing columns of a track.

Before 2.1 or so we had the following order: +/-
After a new column was added, the plus button was still at the same position.
Most of the time I used to double-clicked that button to insert two columns at once (mostly for chords).

Since 2.1 or so this isn’t possible anymore, there’s only one inital + button there.
If you click that button it changes to -/+. If you double-click the inital plus your added column is removed again,
because the second click activates the minus button.

Therefore, I suggest to switch position of -/+ into +/- again.
From an ergonomical view it’s always best if buttons remain at their position, because we remember it so.


ctrl+shift+ arr.-left or arr right for subcolumns
ctrl+t to add tracks, ctrl+shift+t to remove tracks.

These shortcuts never changed in years. Perhaps this Gui change is a good motivation to learn those ;)

nah, just fix it :lol:

does this mean this is no serious topic for you ? You know my suggestion was actually meant to be serious -
I’m using Renoise on a regular basis since almost 1,5 years now and really stumble uppon this since 2.1.

But thx for the shortcuts hint indeed I should learn to use more shortcuts

Actually I think it’s a good idea…

You want to make three notes chords, you click twice on the ‘+’ button to add two tracks: you still have one track only. Weird.

Power Trackers certainly use the keyboard shortcuts so that shouldn’t be a problem for them, they wouldn’t even notice the position swap

I think that’s a little flaw in the design: why does a new button move an existing button to an empty space, when the new button could itself occupy that empty space? I’m thinking UI consistency here ;)

I have noticed this in the past, and I find it reasonable to change it in some way, but I would use the shortcuts anyway, since I find them much more straightforward and I strongly suggest you to learn them or to set them to something more easy to you.

on the other hand, this is not a task you perform tons of times each song, so it is understandable that you don’t want to learn the shortcuts

generelly it’s always a mixture between shortcuts and UI-Elements that I use. I agree: the more shortcuts the quicker, but the UI has it’s reason, too.
But generally this discussion is not about “shortcuts vs. UI” it’s about a minor ergonomical flaw in the UI.

So the suggestion to use the keyboard shortcuts is just a workaround for a minor weakness that should be improved IMO.

Yeah, I have noticed this problem too. Pretty annoying. This definitely should be fixed. Shortcuts or not, this is not an excuse of having such ergonomical problem in the program.

i agree with that !

Although I already expressed my views on this, it’s not a matter of life and death.

So, annoying it is, but I can live with this minor inconvenience if it can’t be fixed for 2.5 final ;)

No it is not that i don’t take the suggestion serious, i just wanted to show you the light and by the way save you a lot of wrist-pain and muscle stress because you have to move the mouse constantly.
In the past i even used only keyboard shortcuts in Windows.
That went pretty much over when applications started to hide in the system tray and i could no longer alt-tab to swap towards them and when certain options in applications did not got shortcuts or simply a context-menu only reference.

Yep this behaviour has annoyed me too, double-click on “+” does nothing.

word :slight_smile: … in linux business I’m accostumed to the keyboard … it’s really a blessing once you’ve learned it, and absolutely agree about the muscle pains …
It’s just that there are so many applications with different shortcuts to remember - besides the standard ones

BTW: tried Win-Tab on Win7 ? Or shift-win-arrow l/r in Win7 and Dual Monitor - it’s so stylish :slight_smile:

Yeah long live standardisation… ;)

also here i have faced this lil annoying thing, so yes, should be fixed…cheers

:yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:


I forgot to mention:
it’s the same for the effect column

Yes, but that was already known :)