[Done 2.6] On/Off Buttons On Collapsed Effects

This would make automating On/Off commands so much easier for me:

Old Mockup


Latest Mockup:

yes please. :)

Been mentioned before but as I remember it there was something about wanting to keep buttons aligned in collapsed and expanded modes…

I think it’s a great idea.

Fine, looks better that way too:

Put the move left/right buttons in and they will line-up in the way that was being talked about. Not sure if that will make people feel Minimised isn’t minimal enough though and will look like quite a lot more dead space in the middle.

As a general idea I like it a lot though. Spent about 10 mins trying to search for the older thread and came up empty handed…

Yeah well, I didn’t suggest this for the left/right buttons, I just want the on/off buttons on there :P So there are options to make it more minimised but the buttons can’t be alligned then, kinda logical isn’t it?

Yes I know that and I was only commenting on memory from a thread I’m sure I remember but maybe I’m just (going) mad!..

Although a solution for both would be move the on/off button to the left of the move arrows, then when you have just it on the minimised view it would line up with where it is when it’s maximised, which is what I’m sure I remember Taktik saying he didn’t like about the old proposal.

Six instances of Glitch in a row?! :huh: :wacko: :blink:

That’s some serious mofo glitchin’, my man! :drummer: :dribble: :panic: :yeah: :w00t:

Hehe, I just discovered that I can put 9 instances of glitch on every track. Every instance has one effect only constantly, that way I just have to put the glitch with the desired effect on :D (I have one project with 126 glitch instances)

Holy ****! That’s… well… extensive.

Haha, I’d do it too, but I’m on OSX :P

You can blame me for such unnecessary nonsense, haha. I should have just made it possible to sequence all 9 effects individually. I’ll eventually fix this in an upcoming version.

:blink: You lunatic! :D

Still no idea when I’ll be able to ‘fix’ this problem, unfortunately :(

(Sorry to hijack the thread)

Not that I’ve actaully used Glitch for quite some time but I did it by having effect always set to random and then changing the possibility of an effect between 0% and 100%. Basically works exactly the same (unless you are also having different patterns for different effect) as is a lot neater.

I want to thank (with tears in my eyes) everyone that made this possible. Screw lua, the hell with autoseek, WE’VE GOT ON/OFF SWITCHES ON MINIMIZED DSP EFFECTS!@1~`one!!~!~1!

…seriously, thanks! :D