[Done 2.6] Render To Instrument (Memorize More Options)


these may be not biggies:

  • the check box for “remove source VST” is always enabled when the dialog is opened, even if it has been disabled before. Would be nice if Renoise could remember my last setting

  • if I choose a Range like C-3 - C-3 and intervall of 12, I’d suppose that only a C-3 sample is rendered. Instead a C-3 and C-4 sample is rendered

  • Also it would be nice if I could choose “render to new instrument” in the drop down box. It always points to current instrument. I think this is because it’s intended to be a replacement for the real VST. But I used it as sample pack XRNI generator.

Works fine here.

Guess I can second that, I would probably use both the VST and the render most cases, the render would just be used for slide, vibrato, arp etc., also when starting a new song I could probably use the same VSTi for more renders. But it’s a bit nitpicking unless you’re making a huge instrument library, which just might be what you’re doing :D

… and I guess you would like that setting to be remembered as well?

It’s no biggies at all, I’m just very grateful it’s even possible.

Personally, I don’t think it’s nitpicking at all. This little user interface quirk has bothered me quite a few times as well. When rendering a VSTi to a sample-based instrument, it may require several tries before you find the settings that work best, so you end up coming back to that render dialog several times within the space of a few minutes. When all you’re trying to do is quickly open the instrument grabber, tweak some stuff, and re-render the samples, it’s very easy to accidentally overlook the checkbox and wipe out the VSTi.

No matter what the user is doing, it makes perfect sense to have Renoise remember your preference for such things, especially when it’s linked to a destructive function that defaults to erasing something from your song.

(I know it can be undone, but still…)

So I’m with Airmann on this one, and I’d also love to see a “render to new instrument” option in there.

https://forum.renoise.com/t/plugin-grabber-should-memorize-options-over-sessions/26948 :)

the strange thing is that all other checkboxes are saved during the session.

+1 for remembrance

Added two entries to the instrument box context menu now:

  • Render Plugin To Instrument…
  • Render Plugin To New Instrument…

First entry is what happens now, second one searches for a free instrument slot and won’t unload the src plugin. This can also be invoked by right clicking on the small record button next to “Ext Editor”.

I’ve also removed the “replace destination instrument option”. This should simply be always enabled.

… and removed the “Spread First/Last Samples Options”. If someone does not want this (which is not likely), one should simply edit the instrument afterwards.

Removing this keeps the options & dialog simpler.

great, thanks !

yes but then they are enabled or disabled by default ?
this way i cannot make split maps from multiple instrument easily.

They are enabled by default now.

I don’t think anyone ever got the idea that its possible this way. We should solve this in a different way. Right now this is IMHO just one more option which is hard to understand.

any chance for NNA settings when rendering instrument (important for overlaying patches - pads strings etc)

And what if i jused wanted to create a kickass pad-combination with the target samples and the current target VST plugin that is on the destination instrument?
Or do you mean replace destination instrument samples?

As said above: This should also be possible with other, already existing Renoise instruments, not just with the grabber.

Further I don’t think anyone here has used this option to do exactly this - has understood what this option could be used for. And if no one understood this, I see no reason in keeping the option. This just makes the grabber more complicated.

Lets solve this “problem” properly please…

Need this too.