[Done 2.6] Something That Has Sort Of Bugged Me For Years

Before I even start, I want to point out that I havent seen any other software that has what I’m asking for here, so I’m guessing that would mean it’s been thought of but is way too hard or impractical in some way

Change the way samples are triggered when playing tracks within renoise; ie, not exporting but editing:

Currently the way a sample is triggered is fairly simple, and albeit logical - when the play cursor passes a the line a note is in it plays the note, offset by delay commands and also adds effects. Pretty intuitive really, good system. However the problem I encounter with this again and again and a-freekin-gain is that I have long recordings of things that are used, especially thanks to the internal recording function and the fact its so nice and easy to make quantifiable chunks of sample, and that these recordings will generally span over the course of, say, at least 4 patterns (as an inaccurate arbitrary example**), and if there are any changes I want to make to the 4th pattern it plays in, I have to go back up and play the previous 3 patterns. And there is no shortcut!! I have to sit and listen to it all! and so often, when it is really long, I completely lose focus and then miss the bit I waited all that time to hear and have to do it AGAIN!! ah, i digress.

anyway, I was wondering if it was possible to have some sort of super-wizardry that would scan upwards of the point that I start playing a track, and look for any samples that would have triggered previously and still be playing, ie, no noteoff and long enough samples, then work out where it should start playing, and start playing it?? does this make sense? you would save me many many hours of listening to my shitty half finished bits of tracks (and the ensuing insanity), and as such, be my hero!



** This is in fact a miscalculation of arbitrary numbers, and ironically, actually more inaccurate than I had planned it to be. The problem is with recordings of things that do not span a number of patterns that are a power of 2, as these can easily be given notes at the top of each pattern with a 09xx effect… sorry about that! but the point is I use random length samples all the time, so rather than just edit that out I wanted to explain (and use the chance for a further ramble)

I dropped by to reply thinking I’d be able to summarise it with the help of a simple analogue: XMplay’s replay calculation that initiates samples at their theoretical ‘current’ position for the beginning of each pattern, depending on where they’d have been triggered in previous patterns. Not a wildly better explanation, but people could grab XMplay for an example of what’s being discussed.

Bantai - I’m not sure if audio tracks (if I’m understanding you correctly in this context) is necessarily the essence of what alexstrain’s talking about, but I guess if this means a row-synced sample offset replay system as has been discussed elsewhere for aaages then yeah, it’d achieve the same thing. It’s probably really easy to implement in a player like XMplay and probably really difficult to implement in something like Renoise…

I’d love to see it, anyway. Renoise has one big obstacle to being the PERFECT live tool and one big obstacle to being the PERFECT studio DAW. So that’s two big obstacles to being the app for which Renoise users could dump all of their other expensive/useless/ugly apps… The live stuff hardly needs repeated here again and the studio stuff is obviously the capacity for extended recording takes with auto-synced offsets so that a decent workflow when working with live instrumentation or vocalists is possible.

Yet another feature for which I’d pay my reg fee all over again. Double fee. Triple fee. C’mon.

Until renoise supports audio tracks, use that Ext vsti program if you want to use large audio tracks and have renoise remember where you are in long audio files

ok, so there IS one that does this.

well, yeah, this is exactly what I’m talking about, its just fine tuning from the end user perspective, but I’m really not sure what would go into it from the programming pov. Bantai, an assessment?

I’m definately NOT talking about audio tracks, just the way a sample is triggered with the current arrangement. See lightbomb’s explanation above. (I actually love my ability to ramble to the point of people losing focus on what I’m saying - EVEN ON THE INTERNET!! haha)

You prolly thought about this, but why not use sample offset command to trigger your long tracks at beginning of each pattern. It’s a bit of a pain in the ass but maybe it’s worth it?

alexstrain I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about , but you should get Energy Xt anyways : http://www.kvraudio.com/get/453.html

I not only “thought of it” but commented that this is my normal process where it is possible

Please, if there are any questions about my suggestion, read lightbomb’s comment again and again and again until it makes sense and you’ve forgotten what the original post was all about, as it is clearly too confusing for anyone :)

Soundtracker (an old linux tracker) has support for “permanent channels”. This is what alexstrain is talking about.

Either way fix for this is 09XX effect

That’s how they call it, what it means is

which incidentally is what lightbomb was talking about…

ORLY? In the post above yours alexstrain just said

“I not only “thought of it” but commented that this is my normal process where it is possible”

Yes, posting ideas in the Renoise forums can be a very, very ungrateful undertaking.

+1 and chin up :P

Sanity check: if you use Renoise to record samples, check the ‘sync to pattern start/stop’. It makes it much easier to work with 9xx offsets (you can use the bars/beats measure in the sample editor to determine those offsets).

Granted, retrigging a long sample at multiple points in the song is a bit of extra work, but once it’s done, you can do cool stuff like repeat the chorus (for vocals), which wouldn’t even be possible with a “proper” solution.

“Permanent channels” wouldn’t interfere with this features. As the permanency calculator takes account of 09xx effects aswell as any other pattern effects that might change the sample.

Not to mention I use this feature quite often, and it wouldn’t work with audio channels like said.

The problem itself is very old. It has been around since early trackers and present in most non-tracker programs aswell. Although not that disturbing as, it has less noticeable effects on regular MIDI note data. (Unless you are composing Funeral Doom or 20 minute pitchwheel solos). It’s also hard (if not impossible) to correctly implement on 3rd party VSTis.

i have 2 ways that i usually deal with this issue:

  1. i take the long sample and lay it out accross several patterns, and pan it to one channel. i then place a hihat on the other channel at the start of each pattern. i then use this file for reference as to where the pattern breaks/09xx-values should be for the master copy.

  2. i let the sample play naturally in the tracked sequence and monitor the playback position in the sample editor. when it gets to the point in the sample where i want it to be i stop playback, and then go back to the pattern editor to see where the current-playback-position highlight is at.

either of these is usually a precursor to programming the sample to restart at the beginning of each pattern.

hope these help :)

I watched the How to sync reaper with renoise video tutorial
and it allowed for what you want
you load the long samples in reaper and it magically works

Sometimes they take a while, but the ideas are definitely heard around here.

Thanks guys, I actually only just noticed this, and shat bricks.

Autoseek FTW.

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