[Done 2.6] Support For Apple Caf Files

Just noticed that the latest version of Garageband is using something called a CAF file.

That is to say, files that were previously accessible to me as AIFF in /Library/Audio/Apple Loops/Apple/Apple Loops for GarageBand/ are now inaccessible due to this new extension.

Can Renoise support CAF? Maybe it’s one Quicktime API call away?


I think unaccacable is the reason why they made a new extension.

but yeah let’s try to use it :D

.caf can apparently hold >2 channels so it might be tricky.

New to this Renoise - Or lets say ReNew. Use to do Tracker as a kid. Now it’s Mac and I’m impressed!!

So conversion of caf files. I have a huuuuge library of Apple Loops so getting all these files converted into something Renoise understands would be quite handy.

What you do is download an application called Switch. It’s VERY easy to use and converts as many files as you want batch, soo just load up Switch with Caf files and then leave it for processing for days if needed.