[Done 2.7] A Real Beatslicer

in before the lock :D

on a serious tip, i wonder if they’re actauly thinking about this for V2.

I can’t find the old thread about the beatslicer ???

Because you don’t know how to use the search button

“KitKat, gimme a break!”

“TakTik, …”

I want a pizza slicer… :rolleyes:

These are cheaper and easier to get in the local dumpstore.

oh the irony of the word break :drummer: :P

When implemented name it a “sample slicer” please. :)


try if this tool fulfils your slicing needs

Oh yeah, now, thats something really useful.

ey It, are you looking into adding a slider for fading the onsets of slices?

you mean giving the ability to define a number of milliseconds and use that number to create fade-in’s and fade-out’s for each slice?

yep :)

Dat would be cool.

What’s the difference between that sample slicer and ‘copy to new sample’ then create drumkit?

the sample slicer slices the sample in equal parts/divisions , when doing it manually you create/define the slice point yourself ( mostly at the transients )

In a superultrauberFAST workflow.