[Done 2.7 B3] 7F Qwerty Velocity & Overwriting Other Velocites Beh

In the above case with overwriting the C-5`s with new notes velocity 7F, you would expect the volume column to be cleared. However the new notes are added with the old velocity kept.

If this is intentional, should there not be an extra bypass value like ‘—’ in the value box to show it will not change the current notes velocity?

Yay, that’s how the old “velocity less” computer keyboard piano worked. It never overwrote existing velocity values. Actually it would have been a pain if it did.

Probably we do need one more value/mode next to “0x7f” (full volume), let’s say magic value “–” which is the default, and does not overwrite any existing volume values. 0x7f could then overwrite?


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Not sure if adding a “–” velocity is really that good idea. Probably we should only record notes when live recording with the QUERTY?

I would prefer an overwrite checkbox, so you can have any default level for new notes and chose whether old volumes are kept or not. Although the above would work and probably look neater.

No chance of also adding Pan and Delay defaults?

I dont see it would be a problem to be honest, it would just be a bypass for this feature. If you mean by live recording only when playing then I think this just gets rid of a useful function. i.e. you want to edit-step a bunch of C-4 3F` bass drums in a pattern is nice and quick currently.

Sounds, interesting!

With pan and delay, I would vote for this also but I am guessing taktik will say the pattern bar is getting too crowded :)

I like this idea with the overwrite checkbox. And this could also lead to some interesting scripts that automatically change the value of level/pan/delay after each entered note according to some sort user programmed logic.