[Done 2.7 B3] Dragging Keyzones/Velocitygroups Of Multiple Samples

This is self-explainatory, no?

A user should be able to drag the range of more than one sample in the keyzone editor. I can certainly select multiple samples within the zoning map, however when I go to drag the zones for the selection I only can drag the zone/range of the one sample clicked while dragging.

please address this soon. The implications should be obvious. :)

Yeah seems counter intuitive.

I don’t think it needs a visual aid but this should help visualize what I’m discussing:

(multiple keyzones selected… next Id like to drag all these zones down to make a zone for when the keys are hit with max velocity…)

(…But when dragging the zone down, annoyingly I loose my selection and am only dragging one zone down)

I just verified this was not addressed in the second 2.7 beta.

While at it I would expect that to implement this it would make most sense that when multiple keyzones are selected the handles should go around the selection, not just the first keyzone selected as it does in the screenshots… which would clue the user in to the fact that they have selected multiple zones besides the color change we currently see when selecting multiple zones.

What happens if you try and drag while still hold Alt or Shift, making the selection of the last segment?

magical fairies fly out of your butthole!!!
but sadly nothing that improves this situation mentioned.

That would be cool!

Shame and I expected as much. Unfortunately can’t test as currently have no hard drive and running of a Live CD. New hard drive has arrived and I might try and install things afresh tomorrow though…

That doesn’t suppose to happen, i suggest you to add a topic to the bugreports then.

What already works now is selecting multiple zones, then changing all at once by using the
Note-Range [C-4][C-5] | Vel-Range [0][127]

Multi-Drag with the mouse of course also is a good suggestion.

hahahah you say that now!!!

while you’re jockying live cds you should give avlinux a spin if you haven’t already.


ok. This gets me from here to there although it’s not exactly user-friendly. No magical fairies though :)

cool. hopefully it could get implemented into Renoise some day… isn’t this … dare I say… standard in all/most software samplers these days??