[Done 2.7 B5] Automation Evelope: Double Vs Single Click To Create Poi

In the case of doing it in envelopes, could this middle clicking get an additional function -> focus + inserting point, or when there already is focus, than middle clicking changes to inserting points? Or is that to hard to implement?

Its not about “hard to implement”, but just about trying to keep things consistent.

If double clicking is going on every ones nerves, then we probably should make this an option instead. On the other hand, double clicking to create points definitely does make sense. This is how it works in many other softs as well, and also is symmetric to the deleting points behavior. I think the real problem is simply that Renoise used to behave different here, and it takes a while to get used to new behavior (muscle memory).

I was also skeptic about the double-click thing first, but now, after a while, I would definitely miss it. And we get an easier way to deal with selections in envelopes this way.

Some of the tweaks in 2.7 feel counterintuitive and slow down my workflow, or indeed simply needs getting used to, like using the draw tool and holding shift for creating lines in the automation editor. As I never / hardly drag selection of points around, the improvement of easier selection isn’t felt here, but I can imagine others benefiting from this.

I’ll use the draw tool more often and see how that goes.

[sub]why don´t we just use the selection( indication ) bar above the automation lane for selecting areas ( one click ) and the automation lane for creating points ( one click )
Best of both worlds [/sub]


Need a goddamn scale tool for envelope selections, exp ramping is fuct without it

… you know I love your software Renoise team, and that I’m just being facetious ;)

What other softs?
I don’t know, for example, any graphical program that behave like this. (Vectors, Curves color adjustments, automations in video-editing, etc.)

I don’t believe automation in Ableton Live works like this as well.

Double clicking should be used for one thing only and that’s opening folders in windows explorer ,
Right now we have 2 possibilities to select an area 1.by clicking in the automation lane 2. by clicking above the automation lane …
SO …why not just use the second method by clicking above the automation lane for selection , and one click in the automation lane for creating points.

I dislike doubleclicking as well personally, but i can see why it is done this way, personally i would be happy if ctrl+click would work as “write” and regular click as select
this way you can quickly draw line - add points by clicking while holding ctrl key, and also quickly select added points by unpressing the key and selecting

Yeah typos have everything to do with respect. :facepalm:

And why is comparing to any program that uses graphs pointless? It’s workflow that counts, and to me double-clicking slows workflow down…

+1 gentleclockdivider

Looks like everyone’s right and wrong, and its kinda impossible to find an acceptable compromise. Let’s make the single vs. double click to create points behavior an option, but keep the current double-click behavior as default. Done for the next beta…

Just noticed that while in draw mode you can press shift to select, Imo just do it other way around, have a key for changing from select mode into draw mode - in cubase, reason etc it’s usually ctrl , but shift works just the same
you can also let people set the key for it themselves… or just let the key (shift or ctrl) select, while you are in draw mode, or write while you are in select mode

actually i think it wouldn’t hurt to add some more tools in the section later, like to be able to drag blocks of automation let’s say i create automation on rows 00-40, i select it, what I would like to do now, is to simply drag the block to next 40-80 but you cannot, instead you need to copy it click on 40 and only then paste it - tools like this will certainly help the workflow, this kind of “block” selection could be also cut to half extended etc.

now if you want to move the whole automation you have a little hand that allows you to, with blocks it would be cool if it worked only within the selected block, and it would be cool to have a tool to move the blocks within the whole automation

There’s always the way many Softs do it. A Draw Tool. A Select Tool. A Drag Tool (which is often automatically selected if on a current selection.) The you can use Shift/Ctrl/Alt modifiers for extra behaviour in each and every mode (such as Fine Adjust and Snap To Grid/Line/Beat etc.)