[Done 2.7 B5] Automation Evelope: Double Vs Single Click To Create Poi

please bring back the 'one click insert point value ’

It’s called “Double click” point insertion mode now.
Uncheck the draw mode and double click instead of one click. This has been done so you can now also select an automation range within the window and not specifically need to drag across the ruler to get a range selected.

yeah this new behavior will take some time getting used to, right now enable draw mode to create points with one click, and hold shift in draw mode to make selections.

Maybe middle mouse button can be used to insert a point in one click?

Sounds like a good alternative.

Double click is so F…n ‘windows 3.1’ behaviour C’mon fellows thing is I aùm not really found of the pencil tool , as it creats points on every line , I used to draw automation with a minimal amount of points …but yeah …different strokes for different folks right .
Coould someone please check if they are able to select a portion of the automation while the selection is snapped ( to lines or whatever ) …doesn’t work here …the selection is always unsnapped/ likefreeform …makes it verry difficult tocopy /paste certain areas

No not whatever, if you select “Beats” in the dropdown, the snapping mode should draw the least amount of points of all, but you do have the snapping mode turned on right? if you don’t have the “Snap” button toggled, then points are drawn everywhere indeed.

you mentioned that same thing in my Automation Editor - Snap Zoom To Current -topic, and i replied to you there, so did vV i now see: click!

same here, I hope middle mouse clicking will be implemented to simulate the old, faster behavior.

It seems to only (visually) snap when you zoom in to 1/256, or set it to beats. Maybe there need to be a selection window in percentages next to ‘snap’, so whatever zoom level you’re in you can make a selection in a ratio relative to the zoom level?

yep , it seems that the selection always snaps to the highest possible value , and I don’t really see a button to change its behaviour

The only ration relative is the grid selection and this is different at every zoom level.
If you zoom into smaller levels than 1 pattern, you also get to see sub-timing lines, you will then notice the difference between snapping to line and grid.
At 1/256 you have the highest integrity using grid-snapping and at 1 pattern-sized view and above this will simply be lines or less.
Just watch the feature tour and skip to time-line position 04:37, it shows you exactly how it works

yes, I know how it works for drawing points, I’m talking about a snap setting that works for selection.

We are talking about the selection snap , not the draw snap
The selection always snaps to 1/256 of a line which is way too intense , if we just want to select for example 1/4 of the whole automation lane …there is no way to change it’s settings .
hope it’s all clear now

this makes me wonder: did you use red to soften or harden your implicit emotional response?


Hijacking your topic wan’t just enough to make myself clear , so I went for the colour approach

Okay, so you want the snapping mode apply to the selection routine as well.

My misunderstanding was that you somehow experienced points not being snapped within a selection. Which i didn’t understood because the selection disappears as soon as you start drawing and then nothing different is happening, so i thought you were actually speaking of a bug.

hello and good morning .
Let me first of all say that the new automation resolution is top notch , having acces to 256 points on aline is really astonishing , I doubt I will ever use such a high reoslution but it’s great that’s it’s there .
NOw about the snap setting , I am totally aware how the snap automation works , ( it’s a bit like reapper , the more you zoom in , the higher the resolution gets …depending on the selectced mode that is …all clear and well ).
Now about the selection , lets say we have a patterns of 128 lines , we automate the filter the 32 lines , so we draw in some automation ,now if we want to copy/paste that part of the automation , the selection only snaps to the highest resolution possible ( 1/256 of a line ) instead it should snap snap to lines only /or a user defined setting according to the resolution
SO maybe someone can change this yopic title in , selection snap missing feature or something like that

Are you sure you want to change the topic title into the hijacked topic or do you prefer your initial suggestion to stay and i split the hijacked part to a completely new topic containing the correct topic title?
If you say the single click point is simply a demand raising for not being able to snap the selection then i’ll change the topic here, else i’ll split it.

Seeing that middle mouse click point inserting in the automation editor hasn’t been implemented (yet?) for b2:

How is everybody getting along with the double click behavior in the envelopes? :)

I haven’t used the draw tool during beta’ing yet, as often I want a line to span over a distance and not in every step in between. I see now that holding shift while using the draw tool exactly does that, creates a line. Nevertheless I’m kindly bumping this middle mouseclick request.

Middle clicking is used for setting focus already.