[Done 2.7] Double Click On Scroll Bar Enlarges Waveform

in our sample editor, when zooming in, it often gets annoying to re-zoom.

a double click on the scroll bar (the middle part of the bar act.) could re-enlarge the waveform to 100%, which would give it a better workflow, imo.

thank you renoise :drummer:



I wouldn’t mind this small tweak, but you are aware of the keyboard shortcut: ctrl + alt + a which does the same, or mouse click the 4th icon in the sample editor?

ok. i dont use that shortcut but i work more with the mouse esp. in the editor; the “full size icon” doesnt work for me because it´s too far away from the scroll bar. it´s a tiny thing i admitt but arent we all professional geeks in here anyway B)