[Done 2.8 B5] Un- Or Regroup A Single Vst Plugin

Hi everybody & thanx to the team for this wonderful christmas gift :dribble:

Maybe it’s me but i can’t just change one VST for another group.

For exemple, i have group A with 10 VST & group B with x VST.
Want to change VST 2 from group A to group B.

I must ungroup group A & “add to group” every VST from that group in order to have the one i want to change in the group B…

If i made “Add to group” directly on VST & name that group as the target one (group B ), a new group with the same name is created in the group A.

Is there a way for ungroup just one VST ?

In 2.7.2, i just have to rename my VST in order to put them il the right folder (group).

But i could have missed something ^^
If it’s not a bug, thanx to remove the subject in the right section.

Thanx for the time you’ll lose for understanding me ^^

Nope, but this definitely makes a lot of sense :)

Will try to fix this.