[Done 2.8 B6] Copy Alias In Pattern Matrix

Hi everybody,

Don’t know if it’s a bug or intentional behaviour but when you copy a pattern matrix slot, the related alias won’t copy…

I may be wrong, but I think the behavior is intended. I got in the habit of copying aliases as well, thinking that I’m pasting aliases. That’s probably due to old workflow muscle memory.

An alias workflow does not require a user to go to the slot and then copy it, only to look at what number pattern a user intends to alias.

I guess copying a pattern entails a user intending to flux the pattern after pasting it.

If the current copying behavior is taken out, then, to the best of knowledge, it becomes a two step process to simply copy without intending to alias, instead of a one step process.

1 copy and paste
2 un-alias

Actually it did copy the alias link instead of the content in previous betas, but we then had to remove this because this caused some troubles. Will bring this back, just need a bit more time to rework this.