[Done 2.8]Crossfade Loop In Sample Editor

Hi all

it would be awesome to crossfade a loop without destructing the sample

I know there’s looping function in the volume envelope but it’s not that easy to set it (dunno if it’s actually possible to achieve what i mean)

this feature is really useful for making smooth drones out of any sample - in my dreams there’s also the possibility of moving the loop space along the sample (automatable) but this is far ahead

I’m talking about this

Try using the search feature and you’ll find you’re not the only person who would like to see this ;)

well… sorry for the redundant topic :slight_smile:

No worries and I hope it comes soon.

Not sure where you’ve stolen your screenshot and on it I don’t think it’s clear if you can set the size of the crossfade/overlap, which is something I think it quite important to this function.

Instruments are currently having quite a workout so fingers crossed ;)

I’ve taken the screenshot from a random picture on the net…

Yeah it’s all about adjustable crodssfade/overlap and moving the loop selection through the sample (keeping the same loop length if wanted)

i think NI Battery has this feature too

I just don’t like working with vsti samplers - i do a lot of rendering/resampling etc and with Renoise instrument is so much faster (i can copy paste sample material in a second)

With vsti samplers i have to save and import all the time and it somehow slow my worklflow a lot

This to say that with little tweaking in the current Renoise instrument, i will finally get rid of vsti samplers