[done 3.0] Windows: Re-Scan For Midi Devices


Occasionally I start Renoise but attach my USB keyboard after I have launched it - it’d be really nice if the config screen had a “Rescan” button for USB peripherals, would be a rather minor change but really handy!

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Hi, yes absolutely, i have to quit only for this !!!

+10 :D

Hi RC,
I assume you talk about Windows:
Very hard to achieve on Windows. Because even though it is a USB device, Renoise can only control it as a Midi device and this Midi device list is not automatically refreshed or updated by the Windows kernel for applications that are currently using the Midi kernel driver.
See also:

There is no hotplugging for Midi in Windows unless the host software has its own driver specially made for the device that is being hotplugged in.(that driver would then not be a midi driver as well)

so why work this in Cubase, energyXT and so on…?

Do they support hotplugging if the midi device got plugged in after the application was started or do they support a device being unattached and then reattached?
I guess when Taktik says he hasn’t seen many other software supporting this, he has tested or perhaps even asked developers from the other camp how they do it.

From cubase i know they have written their own proprietary Midi drivers which is no Microsoft product.
From EnergyXt i don’t know and the so on, i doubt that the “so on” would include a very big list of apps that really support this using the native Windows Midi architecture.

From what I know it doesn’t work there either.

There are two types of MIDI devices/drivers:
New drivers based on WDM (those support hot plugging)
Old drivers based on MME (do not support hot plugging)

Most drivers out there still are the old “MME” thing. This is a super ancient MS technology from the 80’s which does not support hotplugging. At least I have never seen a way to support it.

Cubase and I think also Sonar !only! use this new WDM thing, also to emulate old drivers, so may its possible to support hotplugging this way. Those “emulated” drivers are usually quite bad at timing, so we decided to use the new WDM stuff only for devices which truly support it. So unfortunately we can not really do anything to “fix” or support here.

And all this only is a problem on windows. On Linux and OSX we DO support hotplugging. Always did…

Well it seems possible with 3.0! Very neat feature!

yep, taktik got this working nicely in 3.0!

great when secondary midi stuff is on another socket from the main computer.