Midi Keyboard Not Automatically Recognised

My casio WK-500 keyboard is plugged into my computer via USB. It shows up as an “USB audio device.”
My problem is that Renoise doesn’t automatically recognize and connect to my keyboard. I have to go to preferences and select the keyboard in MIDI options every time I open Renoise.
I didn’t mind this at first but it eventually became extremely frustrating…
Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Thanks in advance :)

This is normal behaviour with renoise. As I understood it the developers want renoise to be in control of what you
load, and not the pc when you start up.
And I agree , this is very frustrating but there is nothing out yet to solve this.

No, that’s not intended behavior. Once you’ve selected the device in the prefs, Renoise should use it automatically.

Seems that for some reason Renoise can’t or won’t save its preferences.
If you only start Renoise, then select the MIDI keyboard, then close it again and open it again. Does it then work?

I dont’t have this problem.
It’s best to have the keyboard connected and on before you start renoise, otherwise it’s gone…

Allright, sorry that I misunderstood it.
But it is the case that that once you take the midi device out the computer you have set it up again manualy.
It would be easier if renoise just would ignore there is a usb device missing and would use the setting immediatly
when the usb device would be plugged back it. Sometimes I take my laptop with me,come back home, plug my keyboard in
and think , shit, I have to set it up first.However, it takes 5 sec of mine time and is not hard to do.

That is unfortunately not how windows works.
Renoise starts and asks windows:What ya got for me?
Windows sais:I got a couple of devices here, aha also a USB Midi keyboard, here ya go.
then you unplug the device and windows pulls it from the hardware list. I wouldn’t even be surprised if Windows wasn’t gentle enough to inform Renoise that the device got cut, because Windows doesn’t announces changes in the Midi Device list if it happens while your music application is running.

If you start up Renoise without your usb device, the same story:
Windows what ya got?
Windows happily supplies loads of stuff, but not the unplugged Midi device.
If you plug in your midi device after Renoise has started, Renoise no longer gets an update from Windows that this device has been plugged in.

If you want that device, you have to quit and restart Renoise.
the only way quicker would be if the preferences would got a refresh button where Renoise temporary releases all the midi drivers and then requests them again. But have no idea if directX requires a full disattachment and reattachment or it also accepts partial releases. (Full disattachmnet means that Renoise should also release the DirectAudio and DirectDraw drivers)

I have to say traktor dj software does recognise the usb device.
Unplugging the dj controller does make no difference to traktor, no freezing or something.
Putting the dj controller back in takes traktor 5 sec. to recognise it, all the lights show up on the controller and I am ready to go again.
No quitting or shutting down needed.
I know this for testing new gear running on XP sp3.
I suppose it would not react that relaxt to unplugging the soundcard.
But in some situations unplugging and putting a usb midi device back is proven to be possible I think looking at these results.

We are talking about two separate things here:

  1. hotpluging:
    Pluging in a MIDI/Audio device while Renoise already is running. As VV said we found no way to get this supported on Windows. On Linux and OSX this works. Maybe there is a way on Windows as well, but we simply found no way to do so. I also haven’t seen this in other music apps. With traktor this maybe only works cause they are directly controlling there own hardware, they are not using generic MIDI to control it.

  2. not forgetting previously connected gear:
    This is what Renoise already does. If you connect some MIDI gear, start Renoise, then set it up in the prefs it will always be used in future sessions, unless manually change the preferences again. Aka, Renoise will not forget that you used to have set as MIDI keyboard, even when its currently not present.