[done 3.1 b4] Menu handling, don't hide submenu when clicking

Its new that you can use left mouse click to hide sub menus in the main menu.

Is this a planned behavior? When yes, can there be an option to disable it?

I’ve trained my brain to click menu items with a sub menu to show it faster.

Now in renoise 3.1, i accidentally hide sub menus every time. Happens alot when i want to load a recent saved/loaded song. :slight_smile:

Sorry for bring this up again, is this a bug?! Maybe one of the moderators should move this thread.

Was done on purpose.

Mhn, ok. But is it possible to remove the latency before the submenu will be shown?

Reverted to old behavior after all. Seems to be standard behavior with content menus on Windows and OSX.

Thank you, taktik :slight_smile: