[done 3.1 b5] Cross-fade in Delay and Multi-tap devices - Optional?

Delay and Multi-tap device will cross fade delay time changes now, which means they no longer create “zipper noises” when automating/changing delay times

Is this optional? Removing those artifacts is going to trash a bunch of my projects, I use that effect quite a bit.

+1 for optional please

This was already touched on during redux beta, but not enough uproar I guess to change or make it optional?

Yeah, i’m using this a lot too.

Same here.

Bumping this, the new multitap breaks a few of my favourite doofers which I use regularly. I’ve said it before but I would like to see this feature to be improved upon and even perhaps exaggerated. It’s definitely not something to be taken away.

Used to play the zipper sounds too…

Suddenly I’m a bit glad the old Chorus is deprecated, that means my go-to delay fx is never gonna change. (sorry guys)

I absolutely need this to be optional too.

Same here .

And even if it still is optional, make the algo a bit better , please

Going to revert the changes that we’ve made to the Delay and Multitap devices - for the sake of backwards compatibility. Can’t offer to make the new behavior an option, cause this needs more work and research and we don’t have that time now. So Delay and Multi-tap will not “cross-fade” in the next beta but sound exactly the same as they did in previous Renoise releases.

If we’re going to address this in future, we’ll make new devices, not touching the existing ones.

BUT can you please add new filters into old Multitap device?

it will be included in the new device, i guess, for maximum compatibility

it will be included in the new device, i guess, for maximum compatibility

Yes, but not for/in 3.1.