[done 3.1 b6] Small request: %FILE_NAME% in render settings


would be nice to have the variable%FILE_NAME% (the xrns filename without “.xrns”) in render settings, too, next to %SONG_NAME%. Personally I almost never set the song name in comments… Instead I tend to name renders same as the project file name, for later re-finding.

There is a default name filled in, but in some situations, this name will be changed.

Could you add? Thanks!

Will this be added???

Is it so hard to do? What’s the prob here.

For example you load a song, working on it. 1. For each new save, you need to rename manually render too. 2. now you work on another project. rendering name still the same like last project

Please add%FILE_NAME%. Thank you

I’d like to see this too. A small improvement that’ll really make things simpler.


In general Renoise could be a lot smarter auto-populating fields, for example also in the diskop when saving samples or instruments. Would be nice if it would automatically take into account / fill in the actual selected instrument/sample from the instrument list in the naming field. (I know about right mouse menu’s ‘save instrument as…’ & ‘save sample as…’, being able to assign keyboard shortcuts to these in the keys menu).

Please, would you be so kind to add this? It would improve my daily workflow :slight_smile: