[done 3.1] Instruments with FX are tied to one track?


I think we can reasonably expect to have multi-output facility to tracks for the Redux plugin, but not within Renoise itself.
That said, I agree with gentleclockprovider that it would be nice to have sample/FX-based instruments spanning multiple tracks without any noticeable clicks and pops…
So - what if we had the ability to specify a default track, which any FX chain could then use? “Locking” to a track, as you can do with a plugin.
This default track could be “current track”, track 01, 02, 03 (etc.), or any available hardware output.

Single FX chains would then be able to route to these targets:

  • Default track
  • Current track
  • Hardware output 1
  • Hardware output 2
  • Hardware output etc.

This would allow us to specify a (single) direct track output, but keep the ability to use multiple hardware outputs.

YES , finally someone who understands …this would fix issue one …ability to spread note data across multiple tracks ( essential for drum programming ) having one merged ouput .
You thinks this could be achieved before going final ?

LOL what? I think I start to get the picture here. You get proper functionality only when buying both products. Clever business move…

I think he meant you won’t get multiple outputs available in Redux when using it inside Renoise, so you would be actually convinced to buy Redux only, not both of them

Not really. It is just that the technical implementation of having multiple hardware outputs is similar to how DAW treat a multi-out plugin. At least, that is how I understand it…a limited number of fixed outputs…
Having “proper” track routing is much more complicated, because of the technical issues explained here by taktik.

So, what I suggested above is in fact an extension of the instrument, specifically for Renoise - IOW it wouldn’t be available within Redux.

Are you sure? I understood it such a way that multi out will only be available in Redux, but not in the Renoise sampler.

But the way you understand it is also funny, cause it means that Renoise users would get nothing in terms of mutli outs :slight_smile:

I’d find it very usefull. My Babyface has 12 software playback channels. Making a drum subgroup would be quick and easy.

But what you suggested does not allow to route a single instrument with FX (e.g. a drumset) to different tracks within Renoise for proper mixing, or does it? While at the same time you say that this functionality can be expected in Redux. Or am I missing something?

Basically, yes that was it. Like you, I’m opposed to being limited to a single track when composing, but I could easily live with a single ‘routable’ output - the instrument itself is more than flexible enough to add the effects I need.

Slightly confused by this… does this mean that Redux as a VST plugin will have more flexible audio routing than the native sampler Instrument?

It’s not about adding effects. It is about mixing. Of course I could (in principle change volume, panning and FX in the instrument itself. However, once you are in mixing stage, you want a single place to do the mixing. That is why there is a mixer in the first place. Going back and forth between the mixer and all the instrument pages, kind of defeats the purpose of the mixer.

Or maybe even more important, when deciding to mix in another programme that is better tailored towards mixing (e.g Reaper), with the current implementation, one will get the whole drumkit rendered at one single file…so no mixing possible anymore.

Yo Fladd, you might have heard of this tool? :wink: http://www.renoise.com/tools/split-into-separate-tracks

Then don’t use dspfx in the instrument, just use them in the tracks, voila.

Haha :slight_smile:

Well, it not so much about my own instruments, but rather about those of others. I got the idea that the Renoise team wants to push the xrni format and if it really takes off, then I guess we will see a lot of drumsets with included FX (just look at the ones that come with the beta for instance). If people are supposed to use them, then they also have to be integratable into a mix, right?

Any news?

I just looked at the 3.0 new features page and from both the description of the FX section there (“doubles as a routing matrix”) and the screenshot of it, it becomes obvious that the straight forward solution indeed is to allow routing to individual tracks (just as you can with VSTi).

Instead of “Track” as shown above, it will then read “Track1”, “Track2”. Seems most intuitive to me and is probably what anyone looking at the routing matrix would expect.

It will happen , other wise we’ll sue them for false advertising

This would be perfect!

It would be nice to route each sample to it’s own track. When I use Superior drummer or Battery i always route everything into seperate tracks within renoise. Superior has it’s own mixer but i simply prefer routing it into renoise and grouping accordingly. really slick for putting signal followers on kiks and sending it to a reverbed or room mic…etc. At first when i saw the new instrument layout and that i could not assign to seperte tracks i was a bit bummed. After 20 minutes of working with it i realized it is just a different way of grouping. by assigning modulation groups you are basically assigning seperate channels within the instrument which then play out through one track…just like a group. Agree that it is different to mix some drums like this, but with a little practice you will find that it is easy and works great. if we could route individual samples to seperate tracks it would make the whole individual FX per sample kind of pointless.