[done] Adding More Than One Automation Device For The Same Vsti


Is it possible for a future update, adding another (for example second-)automation device in a chain, automatically takes into account the already selected vsti parameters from the previous automation device, and selects other parameters? 14 new parameters instead of the same ones?

Would save a lot of mouse clicking!



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I’m the only one automating lots of stuff? :)

Ok, most of the time you probably want to automate cut-off / resonance and some lfo’s in your vsti, but ideally I’d have unlimited expansion in the ‘automation device’. Where you can press the little arrow pointing rightwards indefinitely.

doesnt this exist already

but wait, doesn’t this exist already? can this be closed as [done]? @taktik

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@Jonas can ya edit the original title so it has [done] at the start. thanks!

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Jonas was referring to the instrument automation device here.

as was my .gif which specifically shows the *Instr. Automation device.