[done] Advanced Edit And (decimal) Values And A Feature Request

Let’s say I have a track with notes and volumes at 80.
If I subtract volume by 10 using advanced edit it will come out 76. (or other hex values when using small amounts)

Is this a bug perhaps?

I’d prefer to have 70 when I subtract 10 from 80.
Same for panning.

And a FR for advanced edit: could there be a “Set” or something amongst “Add”, “Sub”…?
This “Set” would simply apply the selected value. Useful, IMHO.

  • 1 for set

Another reason to “fix” the Advanced Edit values stuff is that currently the max value you can enter is 80, which is not enough since it gets converted to hex values. Example: you subtract 80 from 80 and get 30 (can’t get lower than that - in one step).

Bump for “Set (value)” as well. :)

This is partly why I’m asking for this feature. I personally think it would make a lot more sense, but I’m not getting a lot of feedback for it. Your problem does see the need to simplify the whole advanced edit section imo, or at least some kind of find&replace option.