[Done] Anyone Selling An Old Renoise License ?

hi there,

me and my music partner split up with the studio and because of his registered email and the new leaking license stuff or whatever i want my own version of renoise now registered to my own email.

we were still using an old version and did only update it to 1.9 or something and it was fine for me.

is anyone in here who is not using it anymore and wants to sell his old renoise license before 2.0 like from 1.5 or something or who wants to update in the future and needs to buy the latest 2.8-3.8 version ?

just message me. i can pay with paypal (easiest and imo best legal way for both).



Why not just hold off spending one night drinking money and simply get a new license?

  1. because i don’t like and need a version greater than 2.0 and i don’t see a chance to buy the 1.9 version from renoise

  2. i am not drinking or smoking anymore, i’ve had that time when i was 10 years younger and right now got no extra money to hold back and thats the second reason i want to buy an older license.

  3. i know you like reason now and that you would give your whole money you earn for the product and that is fine with me, if i intented to use 2.8 - 3.8 and had the 80 euros i would have bought it. thanks for your advice.

  1. if anyone is not selling his license, please don’t respond to this post. i wrote all that is needed to know in my first post. if there are questions please write a private message to me in the renoise forum (click x-ray, then on message) or email me. thanks.

good to know, thanks.

but still, i just need an older used license for less money.

i guess you wanted to buy renoise “together” so we can both use it ? if this wouldn’t be a violation of renoise terms (1 license per computer or something) it would be fine for me. but i guess it wouldn’t be in compliance with the terms ?

Wow Jenoki, that really is very generous of you!

Hope that helps persuade you x-ray. Makes a bargain of a program an Uber Bargain!

yesyes JENOKI just did it.

i got my very own copy of renoise now.

can’t thank this man enough for it!

may he be praised in the heavens of this forum! :)

because of that this thread is closed for selling licenses.


This was pretty special.

Community! :w00t:

Now waiting for Scumbag Steve to join renoise forum as soon as he hears what Good guy Jenoki did.

But seriously, that was really friendly, Jenoki!