[done] Assign Shift F11/f12 To Track Octave Up/down

Assign Shift F11/F12 to Track Octave Up/Down - to be the brothers of transpose one semi tone - Shift F1/F2

As far as I could tell, Shift F11 and F12 are not assigned, and by default the transpose by one octave in track control does not have a key.

Up until today, I just used Shift F1/F2 and pressed each 12 times… so I decided to make an assignment.

I just had to reinstall RC1 (since I destroyed my registry with one careless operation…) and I noticed that this is not implemented.

It may be due to the fact that I had the older 1.9.1 installation.
Does it copy all old keyword assignments, and therefore since there ware no such assignments in the old version, the 2.0 installation cleared the Shift F11/F12?