[Done] Automatically Inserting Markers/Regions Into Rendered Songs.

Still digging this idea, I’d definitely use it cos I do a lot of post production in Audition.

Out of curiosity: What do you want to do with patterns cue points there?

Sometimes I’ll do things like set markers around a whole 8 bar section, copy it to a new file, compress or distort the poor thing to a solid block, then mix paste this back over the original section at 10% volume.

Or create reverse reverbs that need to end exactly when another bar begins. Or effect envelopes that need to ‘snap’ to the end of a bar.

Markers are just generally useful for the mastering process, say when you have a loud section that needs different compression settings.

It’s possible to just do all this in Renoise of course, but post production is a significant part of music making.
Doing further work in an audio editor gives you an entirely different approach to the track.

I spent several hours post-renoise on this remix for example:

Also as others have said, it’d be great for preparing loops or edits for livesets.

A solution in the Renoise UI needn’t be complicated, just a checkbox would do it:
Embed Pattern Cue Points [x]

No idea how difficult the actual implementation is though…?

I really need this one. +1x10^n

This was quickly done, should be safe, and is useful, so I’ve added this for 2.5 right now.

Theres no option for this, cues are always saved when rendering more than one pattern. If sample editors don’t support this, they will skip this. Cues are also not named (not named from the pattern or sequence numbers) because that would be too much for now.

Cool! Maybe for a future Renoise a new pattern command can be introduced to create cues?

Awesome! :P

unbelievable fast response and action
Love this community :yeah:

very nice :)

Legendary! <3

That’s more what I was hoping than each pattern produced as a cue marker.