[Done B3] Drawing Automation Over Multiple Patterns In One Go


Am trying to do a volume crescendo over 4 patterns in one drawing move (when zoomed out fully in the automation editor), but this doesn’t seem possible at the moment(?), the line ends at the border of the first pattern. You have to skip to succeeding patterns to continue drawing, which makes this overall view kind of redundant imo.

Maybe through holding a modifier key like shift, creating an envelope could span a line over more than one pattern? (nodes would be automatically created at pattern borders)

i agree, this would be a logical thing to follow from this feature, and i can imagine people expecting it to work like that.



We haven’t managed to get this done for the beta, cause we simply found no good and obvious way to implement this. If anyone has an idea how exactly this could work, let us know and let’s discuss.

Maybe a new “line” tool (next to the draw tool) could do the job.

[draw] [line][/] [other automation buttons...]  

When enabled, it will create linear or exp (setup with the small “/” next to it) ramps between the mouse down and mouse release point.
Any patterns in between should be made unique (so you don’t mess up repeats).
Any existing points in between the start/end should be erased.

Often one knows the exact start/end values for the ramp, like when you fade in/out a track over multiple patterns. Then it also would be great to enter, fine-tune exact start/end values after the drag as well. Have no idea how this could work though…

I think this sounds like a fair solution. It is indeed not quite obvious if you have several identical instances of the same pattern in your sequence queue.
It doesn’t yet cover patterns outside the to be processed area that are a dupe of perhaps the first and/or last pattern within that scope.

So if you would change the second option into:
All patterns from start till end should be made unique (so you don’t mess up repeats).”
It most likely covers any possible inconveniences songwise.

Ok, but if I get Taktik’s idea of “any patterns in between” right then this sounds more fair to those who want to keep the dupes which are not affected by the automation line drawing. Making all patterns unique from start till end can be allready done by command+U (ok, need fisrt to select them all)
But maybe there are good reasons to keep dupes. (no idea :huh: I think they make sense to keep a song very small in bytes)

I personally like to make all patterns unique before I go automation or live recording to avoid any unwanted surprises songwise. But it takes manual preliminary steps (where musicians generally tend to loose their nerves, especially myself :wacko: )
So, in order to rule out any accidental damage caused by dupes I like this suggestion better:
Option: Force All Patterns Unique In the song settings

However the line draw will handle the dupes in the end, thanks a lot Taktik for already bringing more birds eye to the automation in 2.7beta. :D

From start (where you clicked the mouse) till end of the selection (where you dropped the mouse) ofcourse, not the whole sequence range ;)

Oh I so need this. This would be my number 1 feature request. So glad that it is being considered for implementation.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this the last 10 minutes.

what if the “Over All” automation was a layer on top of anything that might previously be there?

draw with lfo setting would be great too.

if it were a layer on top of it all, you’d edit it as a seperate layer? so what would that do to your ‘normal, per-pattern’-layer? would it be ‘muted’?

IMO, you want something like a checkbox, or a seperate tool, for drawing automation over pattern-borders. it will just have the same effect as when you’d manually draw in that automation for each layer, so it will still be possible to adjust this curve on a per-layer basis.

Was really surprised you couldn’t do this.
It would be fantastic to get it added before the final.

[s]To simplify implementation, would double-clicking with a modifier key work?

  1. Create a point in pattern 0
  2. Select pattern 3 and double click somewhere while holding Ctrl

A linear fade would then be created between the two points.[/s]

Hehe oops, should have read the first post more closely.

the global layer just wouldn’t touch the local pattern layers, the local pattern automations would overide the global layer, could use snap with it or not too.

thinking more about it though, if you are looking at it from global view I think it should be global view first then local view second.
Any options built should be to work with the local view layers, instead of options to work with the global view layer, as any reason to be in the global automation view would be to edit the global automation, right?

Please don’t complicate things with layers, new line tools specifically for this etc, I think the current system is straight forward enough to have it implemented without additional stuff. The holding of a modifier key while dragging fits in with current usage of ‘shift’ behavior, only now holding shift while dragging across the border of a pattern, should add a point at the border, next to eating points. By having these border points, you could still move patterns around in the sequencer without disturbing the other patterns automation.

About the automatic ‘unique-erizing’ :). I don’t mind it being implemented, but shouldn’t be obligatory when encountering a duplicate pattern when drawing cross pattern automation. A logical consequence of using duplicates, is that automation is a duplicate too and that it marks the beginning or end of a possible multi pattern envelope.

Why would you want to use a modifier if you are trying to do something rudimentary?
If you have zoomed all the way out, that screen should be the easiest way to input a song wide automation.
It was the first thing I went to do upon seeing it. 10 minutes looking around to figure out how to do, then here to this thread to see why it no worky.

If you want to edit a pattern in song wide view then should a modifier be used.
Cuz seriuosly who is going to be needing to edit pattern size automation in a song wide view, when it’s resolution is based on seeing it up close at pattern level?
that’s the correct usage of a modifier key, unless I’ve misunderstood something.

As I currently thought it would work.
If you could select several patterns at but CTRL click on their names or something.

Then you would be able to edit all their automation across all of them, like if they where one pattern.
Perhaps a message promting you to make them unique before you could edit across.

It would also do if you were able to select two points and interpolate between them making all patterns between unique and removing any
previous points between those two when you interpolate, and you could chose, linear or cubic interpolation.

Yes but if you draw a rising ramp from 01 all the way to 05 then what happen? You then have repeats you are trying to do a ramp/curve over. It should at the least ask you if you want to make unique as you are obviously trying to put different automation in both instances of 01 and 02, maybe with an option to make it do it automatically rather than warn you all the time.If it did nothing of the sort I would expect it to keep the latest, as things are generally processed left to right, so you would expect them to have the higher automation in them, not the start of the ramp.

+1, I completely expected to be able to draw automation between patterns and spent a very long time trying to figure out why it wasn’t working and what I was doing wrong!

what about track automation in the pattern matrix or pattern editor??? with different ways how to mix with the pattern automation…

I have an addition to this. I don’t think it was mentioned.
Being able to mark lines across patterns. Let’s say if I have made lots of automations all over the song, and I’d like to delete second half of it. It stops at the end of a pattern.

Oh and also, when you mark something, and want to paste it continiously, it only pastes inside the active pattern. I’d like an option to paste from the active pattern, all the way to the end :)